Aiden Turner Tennis Drama, Fifteen-Love viewers saying same thing about

Prime Video series Fifteen Love has been the talk of the town. The series is gaining an impressive response on Prime Video. The viewership of the series has been increasing as the days are passing. In Fifteen Love, Aidan Turner and Ella Lily Hyland are searing together, where Ella Lily Hyland plays a tennis wunderkind who falls on hard times while Aidan Turner is her slimy former coach. This Prime Video series is mixed-doubles TV with an Irish twist. Fifteen-Love’s ensemble star cast leads by Ella Lily Hyland and Clondalkin’s Aidan Turner. Keep reading this article and learn more about the aforementioned Prime Video series. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Aiden Turner Tennis Drama

Aiden Turner Tennis Drama

Ella is a tennis ingenue while Aidan is her slimy former coach. Instead of using their natural accent, they adopted a generic English twang. Although, both have done commendable performances. Their anti-chemistry as the suspect and victim in a sexual assault case is combustible. After appearing in Poldark, Aidan Turner appeared in an Italian TV biopic in which he did the role of Leonardo da Vinci but he was apparently uncomfortable as a manipulative Dublin-born medic in the workaday ITV thriller titled “The Suspect”. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Aiden Turner Tennis Drama

Aidan Turner’s character in Fifteen-Love is more reprehensible and gaslighting than in The Suspect. He has no trouble disappearing into the character, he’s matched by Hyland. Hyland is impressive as the headstrong tennis wunderkind Justine. A scene of the series though it is a flashback, shows Hyland kissing her former coach Glenn before an important match of the French Open. But Hyland injures her hand and got ruled out of the tournament. Thus, her career unraveled and Glenn also dumped her.

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Aiden Turner Tennis Drama

Justine is a physio working at an exclusive tennis camp. But she’s a mess as she stays out all night clubbing. Her bizarre demeanor on dates can also be seen on dates. But the only thing that matters to her is Glenn and his betrayal. Meanwhile, Glenn takes up a job at the camp. The first 6 episodes show Justine calling the police and complaining Glenn assaulted her sexually when he was her coach in the past. She says she was 16 at that time. But Glenn says her misfortune on the court is her anger and resentment. They are searing together in their scenes. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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