Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Winner June 2023, Indian nurse Lovesy Mole Achamma wins Dh20 million

Luck can strike in the most unexpected ways. For Lovesy Mole Achamma, a nurse from Abu Dhabi, her life changed dramatically when she won Dh20 million in the Big Ticket draw. The Big Ticket draw is a monthly lottery held in Abu Dhabi, and it has been changing people’s lives for many years. The idea behind the lottery is simple, people buy tickets for a chance to win big, and the money raised from ticket sales goes to charitable organizations.

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Winner

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Winner June 2023

Lovesy, who hails from India, has been living and working in Abu Dhabi for the past twenty-one years. She has been a nurse at a local hospital, working hard to provide for her family. Her life has been a constant struggle, and she has faced numerous challenges along the way. But on Saturday, things changed for the better when she was named the winner of the Big Ticket draw. She couldn’t believe her luck when she received the news and was emotional.

The news of her win has spread like wildfire, and Lovesy has become an overnight sensation in Abu Dhabi. People have been congratulating her and expressing their joy at her good fortune. Her story has inspired many others to buy tickets in the hope of changing their own lives. Lovesy plans to use the winnings to pay off her debts, take care of her family, and help others in need. She also wants to purchase a home and invest in her children’s future. “I have always wanted to give my children the best education and opportunities in life, and now I can,” she said

Her story is a reminder that luck can strike at any moment. It’s important never to give up hope and to always keep striving towards our goals. Lovesy’s win has shown that anything is possible, and dreams do come true. The Big Ticket draw is not just about winning money, but it’s also about giving back to the community. The money raised from ticket sales goes to various charities in Abu Dhabi, which help those in need. Lovesy’s win has demonstrated the impact that the lottery has on people’s lives.

Lovesy Mole Achamma’s story is one of perseverance, hope, and luck. Her win has changed her life, and it has also inspired many others. Lovesy’s win is a testament to the power of the lottery, and it shows that dreams do come true. The article ends here with the complete information, and don’t forget to follow us.

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