Yolanda Saldivar Husband and Kids: Meet Her Husband and Family Members

It has been nearly three decades since singer Selena Quintanilla was killed but that incident remains of high interest among the fans. Recently, people at large shifted their attention to the killer of Selena Quintanilla, who is known as Yolanda Saldivar. Who is Yolanda Saldivar? This question must be swirling in many people’s minds. Yolanda Saldivarv was the business manager of Selena Quintanilla who was widely known as the Queen of Tejano music. In a shocking turn of events, Selena Quintanilla’s business manager was found to be her killer. Where she is? In this article, we have shared all the latest updates on Yolanda Saldivar’s whereabouts. Also, everything you need to know about Yolanda Saldivar’s family has been given in the following sections. Be sticky with this page and go through the article till the end. Shift to the next section. Scroll down.

Yolanda Saldivar
Yolanda Saldivar is currently 63 years old. (Source: Twitter)

Who Is Yolanda Saldivar? Where Is Yolanda Saldivar?

Recently, Yolanda Saldivar was seen in a new docuseries titled Selena and Yolanda: The Secrets Between Them, which features an exclusive interview of Yolanda Saldivar from prison. Thus, the netizens have become curious to learn about her personal life. Catering to their queries, we have shed light on Yolanda Saldivar’s personal life. In this article, you will find out if Yolanda Saldivar has any kids or not.

Yolanda Saldivar
Armando Saldivar and Maria Elida Saldivar are two of six siblings of Yolanda. (Source: Twitter)

For the unversed, Yolanda Saldivar was born on September 19, 1960. She was a former professional nurse. Her name came to light for the first time when she killed the singer Selena Quintanilla on March 31, 1995. Notably, before killing the Queen of Tejano music, Yolanda held positions as the president of Selena’s fan club and the manager of the singer’s boutiques. When Selena’s family found out about Yolanda’s embezzlement, they removed her from the job. But in return, Yolanda killed Selena on March 31, 1995. For this crime, the former business manager of Selena is in prison.

Yolanda Saldivar
Saldivar stated the shooting was accidental. (Source: Twitter)

In 2024, Yolanda once again came into the limelight when a new Oxygen True Crime docuseries, Selena & Yolanda: The Secrets Between Them was released. In the newly released docuseries, Yolanda Saldivar says she intends to set the record straight. Her interview from inside the jail shown in Oxygen True Crime docuseries has captivated everyone’s attention.

Yolanda Saldivar
Yolanda Saldivar has never married and has no kids. (Source: Twitter)

In the docuseries, the convicted murderer of Selena, Yolanda says she had brought the gun inside the room of the Corpus Christi hotel for suicide, but the singer had then reportedly tried to persuade her against pulling the trigger. By mistake, Yolanda fired the shot that killed Selena. She says “Selena, when she came into the room, she kept trying to put guilt in me for not continuing with her, and how everything was going to crumble,” Saldívar said in the series. “My emotions were running so high, and I was hurting.”

Following this incident, Yolanda was found guilty and convicted of first-degree murder. The court sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison. As per the reports, Yolanda will be eligible for parole next year. However, the late singer’s father Abraham Quintanilla criticized the docuseries and labeled Yolanda’s remarks lies. Swipe down the page.

Yolanda Saldivar
She was 34 years old when Saldivar murdered Selena. (Source: Twitter)

Yolanda Saldivar was a former American nurse born on September 19, 1960, in San Antonio, Texas, to her parents Frank Saldivar and Juanita Saldivar. She was one of the seven children of her parents. Her father Frank Saldivar was a record producer who also owned a record label. Reportedly Yolanda attended Palo Alto College to become a registered nurse. Kindly note that Yolanda Saldivar has never entered matrimony. She does not have a husband and kid. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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