Winona Ryder Shoplifting: Actress Found Guilty Of Thef And Jailed?

Do you all remember the time when Winona Ryder got arrested? In this article, we are going to learn about her arrest controversy. Winona Ryder was born on 29th October 1971 in Winona County, Minnesota, United States. She is a 51-year-old woman who is a prominent figure in the world of entertainment. Her full name is Winona Laura Horowitz, but people mostly know her by her stage name, Winona Ryder. She is an American actress. She mostly plays quirky roles. She started working in the American entertainment industry in 1986. She made her debut in the film Lucas 1986. Then she gained fame from her performance in the film Beetiejuice 1988 where she played the character of Tim Burton. She is mostly known for her brilliant performances in different types of genres in the 1990s. She has played all her roles with immense grace and charm it doesn’t matter which type of character or genre it is she performs it brilliantly. Keep reading.

Winona Ryder Shoplifting

Winona Ryder Shoplifting

Once, it was reported that Winona Ryder has been arrested and she has been found guilty of theft. She has been jailed for shoplifting merchandise. many people refused to believe this news but this was true news. This incident occurred in 2001. She shoplifted at the Saks Fifth Avenue store on Wilshire Boulevard. She stole merchandise which was worth approximately $5,560. Because of this case, she was found guilty and then she served a total of 480 hours of community service. She didn’t say anything about this case for a long time but in 2013 she explained to everyone about this case in an interview. To know about her statement read the next paragraph.

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Winona Ryder's Career

Winona Ryder is a married person. She has been married two times in her life. First, she was married to Johnny Depp, they got married in 1989 and ended up their married life in 1993. Then in 2011, she got married to Scott Mackinlay Hahn. Winona has won Golden Globe Awards for her amazing performances and once she was nominated in Grammy Awards and BAFTA Awards and two times she has been nominated for Academy Awards. Read the next paragraph to learn about her controversy.

In that interview with Interview Magazine, she claimed that she was thankful for the day that she was caught after the robbery. Because of that, she is now free. She expanded this statement and explained to everyone that at the time of this robbery, she was going through some rough patches in her life. Because of that, she stated living her life and she understood that rough times in life are completely normal. And she stopped herself from falling to the ground.

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