Fareed Zakaria GPS Schedule Today: How Can I Watch Fareed Zakaria GPS Today?

As of the present moment, there has been a conspicuous absence of the highly regarded show ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS,’ which is hosted by Fareed Zakaria on CNN. This unexpected hiatus has raised concerns among his dedicated viewers, leading to inquiries about the show’s status and Fareed Zakaria’s role within CNN.

fareed zakaria gps

Fareed Zakaria GPS Schedule Today

The unexpected absence of the “Fareed Zakaria GPS” show on August 27, 2023, has left viewers perplexed and curious about the reasons behind its sudden non-airing. Hosted by Fareed Zakaria on CNN, the show serves as a prominent platform for in-depth discussions on global policies and foreign affairs. It typically airs on Sundays at 10am and 1pm ET, making its absence from the regular schedule particularly noticeable.

Despite the lack of an official explanation, the show’s unexpected hiatus has garnered attention due to its consistent presence in CNN’s weekend lineup. Fareed Zakaria’s substantial following and the show’s reputation for hosting influential guests have contributed to the heightened concern surrounding its unexplained absence. While both Fareed Zakaria and CNN have refrained from providing specific details about the cause of the hiatus, various speculations have emerged.

fareed zakaria gps today

These include possibilities such as technical issues, unforeseen scheduling changes, or other undisclosed factors. Notably, recent episodes of the show have covered topics of significant global relevance, such as flaws in the US immigration system and challenges related to global energy dynamics.

While no official statement has been issued, it is crucial to emphasize that Fareed Zakaria’s physical health is not a source of concern; he remains in good health. The specific reason for the recent suspension of the show remains undisclosed, leaving room for speculation. One plausible explanation could be that Zakaria is taking a well-deserved break or a brief pause from his demanding professional commitments. Both Fareed Zakaria and CNN have chosen not to address this situation publicly, resulting in a degree of uncertainty among their fan base.

Nonetheless, the prevailing sentiment among fans suggests that this hiatus is likely a temporary one, and Fareed Zakaria will continue to be involved with the show and CNN. ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’ has earned widespread acclaim and airs every Sunday on CNN in the United States. With a substantial online presence, Fareed Zakaria boasts a significant following on his Twitter account, @fareedZakaria, which he established in May 2009. While the precise reasons for the recent interruption of the show remain undisclosed, supporters remain optimistic about Zakaria’s eventual return and the continuation of his influential contributions to journalism and discourse.

Fareed Zakaria’s impressive career trajectory reflects his status as a distinguished Indian-American journalist, accomplished author, and esteemed political commentator. Born on January 20, 1964, in Mumbai, India, Zakaria comes from a family with notable achievements. His father, Rafiq Zakaria, was recognized as an Islamic theologian and a prominent figure in India’s political landscape through his association with the influential political party, The Indian National Congress.

His mother, Fatima Zakaria, gained acclaim as a columnist for the Sunday Times of India. Zakaria’s professional journey has been marked by significant milestones. Remarkably, at the age of 28 in 1992, he assumed the role of managing editor at Foreign Affairs, following his leadership in a substantial research project on American Foreign Policy conducted at Harvard.

His analytical prowess extended to his role as a news analyst on ABC News’ program ‘This Week With George Stephanopoulos.’ However, his most recognizable role is that of the host of the highly regarded CNN show ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS,’ where he engages in comprehensive explorations of global affairs, policies, and interviews with notable personalities. In addition to his impactful presence on CNN, Zakaria has hosted other television programs, including ‘Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria’ on PBS. His multifaceted contributions, including his involvement in producing the HBO series ‘Vice,’ further underscore his significant influence on journalism and international discourse.

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