Wilbur Soot’s Response To Sexual Assault Case: Case Explained

Finally, Wilbur Soot’s response to the $exsual assault case. His name is currently trending on social media and a lot of people are talking about him because of a viral video. That video is of his apology. Wilbur Soot’s apology video is currently trending on several social media platforms. This video has shocked many people. Now read this entire article to learn everything about the scandal of Streamer and also about his apology video.

Wilbur Soot

Wilbur Soot’s Response To Sexual Assault Case

After a long wait, Wilbur Soot has not finally given a response to his $exual assault case. As we all know he is a well-known YouTube streamer and musician. A lot of time ago in a live video Wilbur Soot’s ex-girlfriend Shubble claimed that her Wilbur Soot would bite and leave bruises and poke them despite saying no. She said he also used to joke that it looked like he abused her but he did acknowledge how bad it used to look, she used to cover the bruises, and then he stopped biting her arms and started biting her legs.

Wilbur Soot

As Wilbur Soot gave its statement, Shubble explained her story in detail on her Twitch account. The live video immediately went viral on several platforms, She even did not take the name of Wilbur Soot, she just referred to him as her ex-partner. Fans were aware of their relationship from their YouTube channels. Then Shubble and other YouTubers decided to tell their story and come out in support of Shubble. Not just famous YouTubers, but also some fellow male YouTubers support her.

Wilbur Soot has now finally talked and tweeted a large post on his Twitter (X) account about the allegations. A lot of people were waiting for more proof before making a judgment on the abuse. There was no certainty whether Wilbur Soot was that one Shubble and some other influencers were discussing. Other YouTubers were waiting for the official statement on the allegations made in the live stream of Shubble.

Wilbur Soot posted a video on 27th February 2024. He uploaded a response tweet after his name was offiiclay taken in the video. He said that, in the past few weeks a series of shocking allegations have been made over his conduct by an ex-girlfriend. He wants to emphasize that, he feels it fair to offer his perspective, this person’s feelings are completely valid. He has taken his time sharing his official statement as he wants to process and make a response respectfully and with the proper hope of gaining a deeper understanding of the situation.

Wilbur Soot

The entire statement of Wilbur Soot is the evident in which he has apologized to Shubble in his response. He has also admitted that at the time of the last months of their relationship, he became shellfish and disrespectful to her. He also mentioned that he sought therapy after their relationship turned into violent behavior during the entire therapy session. Keep reading this article.

Wilbur Soot has mentioned lifestyle changes to rectify his mistakes. He has in the video that learning from mistakes and not repeating those mistakes is what he has learned. This video has currently grabbed the attention of several people online, Fans are happy with him as he has apologized for his mistakes. And his fans also hope that he is never going to repeat his mistakes. Wilbur Soot’s response to $exual assault case. He has apologized through a tweet and a video. We have learned everything about his case in this article. We hope that you liked this article. Stay tuned to PKB News for more articles.

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