Who Is Hiromi Delon? Age, Photo and Harassment Case

Here’s everything you need to know about Hiromi Delon’s Wikipedia and age. You are requested to read the entire article for detailed information regarding the news. Follow us around for all the insights and valuable content with all fresh updates at the PKB News. Knowingly. she is an assistant or companion of famous and well-known French actor, Alain Delon. Let’s dig deep to get to know her more via this article. Hiromi belongs to a Japanese origin who came to media prominence after being linked to famous French actor Alain Delon. Hiromi has been considered Delon’s lady-in-waiting for a few months. Furthermore, the actor also presented her several times as his companion. Hiromi has shared the actor’s life since his cardiovascular accident in 2019. Moreover, she has been very actively present by Alain’s side throughout his recovery, which the actor assured in 2021 in a documentary broadcast on TV5 Monde.

Hiromi Delon

Who Is Hiromi Delon?

Apart from all these, Hiromi and Alain are in the limelight for the second time as a case has been filed against Hiromi. Prior to knowing that, let’s just explore more about Hiromi, as a person. As mentioned earlier, Hiromi Delon is a woman from Japan who is said to be the lady in waiting for French actor Alain Delon. Not to mention, her real name is Hiromi Rolin, but people often note her as Hiromi Delon because of some reason. Furthermore, Hiromi came into the spotlight after being the companion of the actor. She has been the most important part of Alain as she has helped the actor to recover well.

Hiromi Delon

However, their romantic relationship is nothing short of love at first sight. As revealed by one of the actor’s relatives in Paris. It was known that Alain and Hiromi have known each other for a long time. Their friendship brought the two of them together. Their feelings towards each other evolved over time and Hiromi played an undeniable role in Alain’s recovery and his newfound serenity. Her age is reported to be 66 as of 2023. Hiromi was born in Japan and holds Japanese nationality. Although, there are no further details regarding Delon’s early life and family background, as none of the verified media sources have not given any facts yet. As we said earlier, she just came into media prominence as the companion. In July 2021, people were able to see Hiromi’s face as her photo with Alain was clicked in the private space.

Hiromi Delon

Hiromi Delon’s harassment case is explained in the following section, so read it till the end. Hiromi Delon is in the limelight for her harassment case. Alain’s children Anthony, Anouchka, and Alain-Febien Delon have filed a complaint against Hiromi for moral harassment. It was reported by their lawyer, Christophe that he also suspected abuse of weakness, while Alain has been dramatically diminished for several years now. The Delon family also accuses Hiromi of misappropriation of correspondence for having opened, deleted, delayed, and hindered letters addressed to the actor or posted by the actor to their parties.

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