Why is Suzi Perry Not on MotoGP Today? Where is Suzi Perry Now?

Suzi Perry, born on May 3, 1970, in Cosford, Shropshire, England, is a highly regarded British television presenter and journalist celebrated for her extensive career. Her impressive professional journey includes a notable 13-year stint as a MotoGP presenter for the BBC, eight years as a host on “The Gadget Show” for Channel 5, and serving as the host of the BBC’s Formula One coverage from 2013 to 2015. Throughout her career, Suzi Perry has left an indelible mark in the domains of television presenting and sports journalism. She has lent her talents to a variety of programs and networks, including BT Sport and the BBC. Her modeling career and personal life, which includes marriages to Steve Bullock and Bastien Boosten, have been marked by significant milestones.

Suzi Perry

Is Suzi Perry Ill? What Happened to Suzi Perry?

Perry’s temporary absence from MotoGP Today was due to a health-related issue, which she candidly shared in a Twitter post. While her mind felt up to the task, her body had a different opinion, leading her to make the difficult decision to step away from her MotoGP presentation role for a few weeks. She reassured her dedicated fans that the team would continue to provide top-quality coverage from Austria during her absence and expressed her intention to return soon. In her role as a British television presenter, Suzi Perry has gained recognition for her extensive career in sports journalism. Notably, she dedicated 13 years to covering MotoGP for BBC News, establishing herself as a prominent motorsports correspondent. Perry’s versatility is evident in her work, which includes presenting a range of sports-related programs, such as Wimbledon, the Boat Race, the London Marathon, Royal Ascot, and the Great North Run.

Her influence extended into the world of Formula One when she joined the BBC’s Formula One coverage in 2013, becoming the first woman to take on the full-time main anchor role in Formula One coverage on British television. Subsequently, Perry transitioned to BT Sport, where she hosted motorsport content, including the MotoGP World Championship, FIM Speedway, and the World Rally Championship. Beyond her sports journalism and presenting career, Suzi Perry hosted “The Gadget Show” on Channel 5, among other television projects, and made appearances on various shows and radio broadcasts. Additionally, she initiated live Instagram broadcasts during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, featuring interviews with notable personalities from the worlds of sports, music, and entertainment.

Suzi Perry’s personal life has been marked by several notable events. She was initially married to Steve Bullock in 1997, but their marriage ended after four years. Subsequently, she became engaged to Bastien Boosten, a Dutch boyfriend she met during her work on “The Gadget Show.” Their relationship faced challenges when Perry experienced a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in February 2009, leading to surgery and significant blood loss. At present, Suzi Perry holds the position of a MotoGP presenter for BT Sport. She joined BT Sport in March 2016 and serves as the presenter for the channel’s motorsport content, including coverage of the MotoGP World Championship, FIM Speedway, and the World Rally Championship. Within the BT Sport MotoGP team, Perry hosts the coverage alongside former bike racers and pundits Sylvain Guintoli, Michael Laverty, and Natalie Quirk. Commentary and reporting for MotoGP events are provided by Neil Hodgson and Gavin Emmett, enhancing the overall experience for MotoGP enthusiasts.

Suzi Perry has not divulged specific information regarding her recent health concern. However, she did mention in a Twitter post that there was a disconnect between her body and mind. While she didn’t offer precise details, this suggests that she may have been facing a health issue or condition that required her to temporarily step away from her professional commitments.

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