Why Is Simon Cowell Not Speaking On America’s Got Talent?

Simon Cowell is a judge on America’s Got Talent. Why is he not talking? People are curious to know more about Simon Cowell not talking about America Got Talent. Keep reading for more information.

Why Is Simon Cowell Not Talking On The Sets Of America’s Got Talent?

Simon Cowell is often seen talking harshly on America’s Got Talent. The new season which is Season 18 of America’s Got Talent has now started telecasting on NBC. People are curious to know why is he not seeing much. He has been a judge on the show for 8 years. He started with AGT from Season 11. He is the second longest-serving judge in the show.

Why Is Simon Cowell Not Talking On The Sets Of America's Got Talent?

The first number has been occupied by Howie Mandel who judged for 13 years. According to sources, he has been put under severe critics so he wants to be involved less in the controversies. He is taking the less-speaking route. He was in an interview with USA Today in May 2023 where he shared the reason why he is speaking less. He was not speaking in the early auditions. The reason revealed by him was not controversies. It was only speculated.

The real reason behind his not speaking is said to be his loss of voice due to an obstruction in his throat while filming. He said that he thinks his stomach’s acid has burnt his vocal cords. He said that he saw that it was burnt really badly. He has been advised to be on vocal rest for some period of time. He said that it feels like torture when you have thousands of different thoughts and opinions to say but you are not actually able to express them. He now writes down thoughts and expresses them using I pad. He also had some pre-recorded statements. This was all about Simon Cowell not speaking on AGT. Let us conclude the above.

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Simon Cowell is said to be not speaking on America’s Got Talent. What is the reason behind his not talking on the show? There were speculations made about him, that he is not talking because he is always criticized for his harsh talks. he wants to be reserved. While he explained the actual reason behind him not speaking was that he has lost his voice as his vocal cords are burnt by the stomach of his acid. We keep bringing such details on our website. Stay tuned for more information.

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