Lori Lightfoot Memes Beetlejuice, Looks Like Beetlejuice, Comparison

There are many ways to get entertained on the web with the help of it one can also earn money. Though it is not easy to get fame and money at the same time some people manage to do it. Not everyone is a social media star and content creator or influencer some are members as well. Now, what are members? Young generations sure know about them but those who are not that much active on social media, particularly on Instagram or Facebook might be thinking about who are members. Basically, the member is a person who creates or distributes memes.

Lori Lightfoot Memes Beetlejuice

Lori Lightfoot Memes Beetlejuice

Memes is a video, image, piece of text, etc., typically funny in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by social media users, often with slight variations. Now those who are actively using Instagram have surely shared memes with each other. One such meme is getting viral on the web and people are talking about it. “Lori Lightfoot Memes Beetlejuice” is the meme that is becoming the talk of the town and people are actually interested in and want to know who is Lori Lightfood and why members are making jokes about him.

Lori Lightfoot Memes Beetlejuice Lori Lightfoot Memes Beetlejuice

Lori is the present mayor of Chicago who is in the news not because of her political stances but also for her likeness to a famous movie character. Now the entire social media platform has been sharing the memes of Lori Lightfoot Beetlejuice and it become a trending topic on the web and creating a lot of buzz. Now, this meme has forced us to find out it and we are here to talk about it and find the comparisons between Beetlejuice and Lori Lightfoot and why this matter is becoming controversial. Let’s find out the matter and get the details of it.

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Lori Lightfoot Memes Beetlejuice Lori Lightfoot Memes Beetlejuice

Social media users are getting obsessed with Lori Lightfoot Memes and talking about the Mayor of Chicago and the character from the classic film “Beetlejuice.” Memes of Lori Lightfoot featuring the likeness of the character have been surfacing on the web and people are sharing them with each other. The comparison between real and reel personalities began to gain traction in the year 2021 when individuals started to observe similarities between both them.

Lori Lightfoot Memes Beetlejuice

Several Internet users pointed out the uncanny resemblance between the character played by Michael Keaton and the mayor of Chicago. The comparisons were not only with the physical comes up but also extended to the quirky personality of the character. As with any viral phenomenon, the Lori Lightfoot Beetlejuice memes have taken on a life of their own. Individuals have taken to social media to share memes featuring the face of the mayor of Chicago superimposed on the body of Beetlejuice.

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