Why did Sierra Mist Discontinue? What Happened to Sierra Mist?

Sierra Mist lemon-lime soft drink is said to be discontinued. People are curious to know the reason behind the discontinuation of the soft drink. According to sources, it is also being said that Sierra Mist will be replaced by Starry. Keep reading for more information.

Sierra Mist

Why Sierra Mist Is Being Discontinued?

Sierra Mist is a soft drink that is flavored with a lemon-lime taste. The drink was supplied by Pepsi Co. The soft drink was supplied in 1999. According to Pepsi Co., lemon-lime is a better alternative to switch to rather than Sprite and 7Up. The best thing about Sierra Mist was that it is caffeine free. The sweetness in the soft drink is added with the help of high-fructose corn syrup and sugar. It was initially released in a limited area. After it received a good response, it was further expanded further in 2003. However, it faced a decline in its sales when there were more flavored water and sparkling water in the market.

The company tried to market it differently by changing its name in 2016. It tried keeping its name Mist Twst. There was not much effect on the drink’s sales. The name was again shifted to Sierra Mist in 2018. The challenges kept on increasing every year. Pepsi co. finally took the decision to discontinue Sierra Mist in 2023. However, it has introduced a new lemon-lime soft drink by the name, of Starry. It is sweetened with Stevia. It will be interesting to see how Starry performs in the market. The soft drink was launched with the intention to provide a healthy drink. The new product is designed with yellow and green cans. It is also a lemon-lime soft drink containing Stevia. You can follow its page on Twitter with the username @pepsistarry. This was all about the new soft drink launch and the discontinuation of Sierra Mist. Let us conclude the above.

Sierra Mist is a soft drink which is a lemon-lime drink. It was released for providing a healthy drink to the audience that can be a better replacement for Sprite and 7 Up. The drink was not sweetened with sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. It is caffeine free. The drink got a good response from the public. The sales started declining after 2003. The drink was tried to be marketed well but ultimately, Pepsi Co took the decision to discontinue Sierra Mist in 2023. Pepsi Co has launched a new soft drink, Starry. Stay tuned for more details on our website.

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