Woodville Fire: Shed And Cars Burn In Huge Blaze

In recent news, there has been a fire near the Tocal. The news about the fire leaves the people in fear. the family of the victims is going through a hard time. Car is burned, people die in it, and some get injured severely. Fire always seems to destroy everything and that is what happens here. Multiple cars burn down to ashes. And many people got injured. This incident gives the chills to people who live nearby. People came into fear after getting to know about this news.

Woodville Fire

Woodville Fire

Let’s get to know about the area where this incident happens. Tocal, which means ‘plenty’ in the local Aboriginal language, is a town in the lower Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia. It is located roughly 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) north of Maitland and approximately 180 kilometers (110 miles) north of Sydney at the confluence of the Paterson River and Webbers Creek. Tocal was home to the Gringai clan of the Wonnarua people prior to European discovery. With European colonization, the land was transformed into a big household and farm. Today, the Tocal property includes a collection of 1820s colonial farm buildings, a residence, a converted hay-shed visitors and event center, the CB Alexander Campus of Tocal Agricultural College, and connected commercial farms.

The recent news about the ferocious fire that took place near the Tocal seems to be gaining public attention. Multiple cars burned down and there were more than 20 emergency crews that have been responded to the Woodville blaze. This incident happens just after lunchtime. Many people got injured in this incident. A 70-year-old man who was burned in the fire had to be transported to the hospital by helicopter because his condition was very severe. Mostly in this type of case, many people are not able to survive. To save that old man fire crew had him airlifted so he can live.

The information regarding the victims is still to released. We all know after these kinds of incidents the family of the victim has gone through a very rough time. And still going through with it. According to the sources, for this incident fire crew has to use compressed air foam to blanket a burning car. The collapsed roof was removed using heavy gear, while a big LPG cylinder was monitored and kept cold throughout the incident. An excavator was used to separate hay in order to cool it down and prevent more fires from the spar. An investigation is underway to identify the cause of the fire.

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