Why did Heather Unbehaun Lost Custody? What happens to her?

There are some cases that remain in the news even after months. The simple reason is the interesting and scary facts that bring them into the news. Usually, children feel safe in the hands of their parents but imagine the pain and fear of a kid who got kidnapped at the hands of their own mother. Unbelievable and confusing right? Many of you are surely thinking that why a mother would kidnap her own child. Well, those who already know the case of Heather Unbehaun know what we are talking about but those who are hearing this name for the first time are surely get confused. Basically, a mother was accused of abducting her own daughter in South Elgin.

Heather Unbehaun

Why did Heather Unbehaun Lost Custody?

This case came into the eye of people after watching an episode on Netflix. A popular show titled “Unsolved Mysteries” featured the case of Heather Unbehaun and people got interested in this case and start looking to know information about it. According to the reports, law enforcement officials were supposed to pick up the accused in North Carolina but she herself turned in Kane County. This case was quite interesting which inspires the makers to have an episode on it.

According to the reports, a user of Netflix solves the 6-year-old missing girl case of Kayla Unbehaun. The girl was missing with her mother in 2017 but comes up in the recent series “Unsolved Mysteries” directed to her rescue. According to the episode, the 15-year-old went missing in 2017 when she was on a camping trip with her mother. The report states that it was believed that her mother ran off with her danger because of the conflict with her husband, Ryan Iserka.

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According to the reports, the former couple were engaged in a custody fight and somehow the father of the child had managed to get the entire custody of his daughter which of course her mother did not like and she decided to kidnap her. His father lodged the missing case of her daughter and he was quite worried for her. However, the missing girl has now been found fine and safe and all the credit goes to a Netflix user who identified the girl from the series. He informed the police about the girl and she was taken into protective custody. The mother of the child was detained on the charges of kidnapping and child abduction.

The girl was 9 when she went missing in July 2017. The father of the child got full custody of his daughter. According to their lawyer Ryan, the mother of the girl was “messing with the health and medical problems”. On the 4th of July, Kayla went to the parade with her mother but never came back. He instantly informed the police about it.

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