Why did Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard resign? Reason explored

This is to inform you that the mayor of Clearwater, Frank Hibbard left everyone shocked by penning his resignation letter. Yes, you heard it right, Clearwater mayor Frank Hibbard has abruptly announced his resignation. This announcement came during a discussion of the Clearwater City Council budget on Monday morning, March 20, 2023. Meanwhile, his colleagues were left shocked and a little bit perplexed as well. The news of Frank Hibbard’s resignation is trending on the internet and leaving people in a frenzy to search for it. According to the reports, people in large numbers are searching for it and taking over the internet to share about it. Here we have come up with some imperative details and updates. You are asked to stick with this page and must read the following sections.

Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard

Why did Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard resign?

When Frank Hibbard returned, he told his fellows and colleagues that he needed a five-minute break when it was less than an hour into the work session, he said it is the toughest decision of his life but it was the right time to take it. Meanwhile, Frank Hibbard gave a brief explanation of his decision for resigning from the post of Mayor of Clearwater city and started packing his things which left his colleagues absolutely shocked and stunned. What did Frank Hibbard say? Scroll down the page and read this.

Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard

While explaining his decision for stepping down as the Mayor of Clearwater city, Frank Hibbard said “I’m not a quitter, but I’m not the right leader for this council anymore,” The Clearwater mayor, Hibbard kept on saying, “In good conscience for my family, my health and other things, I can’t remain the mayor.” As mentioned, the decision of Frank Hibbard’s resignation was announced by him after the officials discussed the priorities of the city’s budget. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard

The city’s budget has $90 million for a new City Hall and municipal services complex. In addition, this budget also has a project $60 million funding deficit but Frank Hibbard was the single person to push back against the expenditure. Frank Hibbard said, “This is simple math. And we’re not doing very well on the test. I know this is shocking, but I’m the wrong guy right now.” I know this is shocking, but I’m the wrong guy right now. Hibbard previously served two terms as City’s council chair from 2004 to 2012.

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