Who was Nicola Courtney? Three-year-old son killed in A180 crash

A piece of crash news has been reported in which 2 innocent people lost their lives. This crash has been labelled as A180 Crash and individuals are searching for more details of the case. The reports state that a mother and toddler have unfortunately died in an accident on the road. The victims are identified as Nicola Courtney and Lucas Page. When the tragedy happened, the 34-year-old Scunthorpe (mother) and her 3 years old boy were travelling on the A180 near Immingham. The mouthpiece stated in the released statement that “Officers are asking for the details after an incident that happened on Friday, 10th March 2023, related to the lethal road traffic hit.

Nicola Courtney

Who was Nicola Courtney?

The police also urged that please get in touch with the non-emergency number 101 and reference log 557 of March if you witnessed the hit, the vehicles prior to the collision, or if you have any dam-cam video viewing the cars prior to the hit. Regarding the hit, an unforced report has been made to the Independent Office Police Complaints (IOPC). Still, there are many people who are looking to get the details of this case in a detailed manner. As we mentioned above, the 34-year-old mother and her 3-year-old boy are thought to have broken down in the live lane of the A180 close to Immingham.

Nicola Courtney

On Friday, at around 08:45 PM, a driver recalled deflecting around the “stranded” blue Ford Focus and they also informed the police authorities about it. But at around 09:06 PM, a white colour articulated vehicle hit the stopped car and in that car the mother and son were present and lost their lives on the spot. Prior to the hit, a lady asserted that she had to “swerve” in the dark in order to avoid a broken-down car of Nicola and then she contacted the emergency services. As per the onlookers, the Ford Focus was “stranded” on the left side of the lane of the dual road prior to being struck by an HGV.

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Nicola Courtney

Cops have asked for onlookers to please come in front if they know anything about this case. Related to the accident, Humberside Cops has reported itself to the police. There are many people who are mourning the demise of the mother and her son. They are sending their condolences to the family of the deceased and feeling sad about their loss. At present they are not in the zone to talk with anyone and we are respecting their privacy and waiting for the right time to talk.

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