What Happened To John McClean? Former Teacher And Rugby Coach Jailed For Four Years

McClean has been sentenced to four years of imprisonment. He was accused of sexual crimes against his college boys. People want to know the truth behind it. What was the reason behind his sexual crimes? You will get complete information about McClean crimes in this article. Keep reading for more details. 

John McClean

Why was John McClean Arrested? 

McClean was arrested for sexually abusing boys in the college. He has been said to have abused more than 20 boys in the college. The incident took place at Terenure College. It keeps on happening in the college for 21 years from 1971 to 1992. The victims are harmed a lot. They are suffering from mental health issues after it. He was already going through his punishment. Judge Nolan extended his imprisonment to four more years. The current sentence will begin only when the previous will expire. 

John McClean

The previous punishment was announced by Judge Codd. The judge also mentioned that he is taking care of his age and his guilt. He expects that McClean will be a good individual after being released. He was a teacher and a rugby coach at Terenure College. The total number of boys accused is 22. The judge says that he must compliment for every abuse he has done. 

John McClean

Many of those boys are being accused four to eight times also. The others were accused one or two times. He was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment prior to the same incident in 2021. It is still going on. The extended imprisonment will start after he completes his eight years. The boys were underage. There are 96 convictions for those assaults.

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Impact of The Incident On The Victims:

It is important that those kids get justice. It is hard to overcome these situations. The mental health of a child plays an important role in his/her growth. If they won’t able to stay peaceful in their lives, they will lead to failure. One of the victims, Kennedy mentions his hardships after the incident. He kept on repressing his emotions and feelings. After he got married and became a father to his son, he finally decided to take his revenge. He took the step in 2019. We can feel how much burden those boys must be carried along until this justice happened. 

We pray for the victims to fight for themselves and overcome this hard situation. This was all about the incident. Keep reading for more details about the latest news on our website. 

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