Who is Tinx? Instagram Model Spotted with WWHL alongside Vanderpump Rules cast

The influencer and content producer Tinx’s birth name is Christina Najjar. She most recently made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen with James Kennedy from Vanderpump Rules. Andy interrogated Christina Najjar and James Kennedy about Vanderpump Rules while he was a guest on the program. It was evident from Tinx’s responses during the chat that Christina Najjar watched the performance. Fans are unsure of who Tinx is after the Watch What Happens to Live With Andy Cohen episode that included content creator Christina Najjar and Vanderpump Rules cast member James Kennedy. The question “Who is Tinx?” was frequently asked by interested Vanderpump Rules fans on Twitter.

Tinx Instagram Model

Who is Tinx? Instagram Model

American influencer and content producer Christina Najjar, popularly known as Tinx, is from the United States. Due to her tips on relationships and mental health, she earned the nickname “TikTok’s older sister” when she started posting on the platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her articles on relationship advice, celebrity commentary, and “starter packs for rich moms” are well-known. Tinx was raised in London after being born in Washington, D.C., where she also attended an all-girls school. When she was 19, she relocated to California to attend Stanford University, where she majored in creative writing and English literature.

Tinx Instagram Model

She worked at Gap Inc.’s retail management program after graduating. Later, she enrolled in the master’s program in fashion journalism at Parsons School of Design. Christina Najjar started posting on TikTok in the summer of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and quickly earned the nickname “TikTok’s older sister” due to her relationship and mental health advice. Her site mostly consists of advice for her readers, such as dating suggestions, celebrity analysis, and “starter packs for rich moms.” Christina Najjar, who is originally from Washington, D.C., traveled to California when she was 19 years old to attend Stanford. At the university, she pursued creative writing and English literature.

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Tinx Instagram Model

After finishing her schooling, she started working for Gap Inc. as a shop manager. Christina Najjar subsequently submitted an application to Parsons School of Design’s graduate program in fashion journalism. After beginning her career on Tik Tok, she racked up more than a million fans in a single year. In her writing about wealthy mothers, she notes the following: “It’s half parody, half aspirational…Everyone despises the wealthy mother, the stereotypical anorexic who abstains from carbohydrates and has a pram costing $5,000, but they’ll also admit, ‘Oh, I go to the same coffee shop as her’. It’s the final demographic you can comfortably make fun of.

Tinx Instagram Model Tinx Instagram Model

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