Who Is Ryan Amato? Ontario Housing Minister Resigns amid Greenbelt controversy

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Ryan Amato Ontario Housing Minister Resigns

Who Is Ryan Amato?

The political aide who was instrumental in the Ontario government’s contentious decision to allow house building on thousands of hectares of protected Greenbelt area has quit. Ryan Amato’s resignation as Steve Clark’s chief of staff was accepted, the Premier’s office announced on Tuesday, “effective immediately.” The departure comes less than two weeks after Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk published a damning report on the government’s removal of land to southern Ontario’s Greenbelt, an enormous 810,000-hectare area of farmland, forest, and wetland intended to be off-limits to development that stretches from Niagara Falls to Peterborough.

The deletions are intended to result in the construction of 50,000 homes in support of the province’s objective to build 1.5 million new homes over the next ten years, even if the province added more protected land elsewhere. According to Lysyk’s research, a select group of influential real estate developers with access to Amato impacted the government’s decision-making process when deciding which sites to eliminate. According to the research, Amato chose 14 of the 15 sites that were ultimately removed from the Greenbelt, not impartial public officials, and the majority of those choices were made in response to requests from developers who personally lobbied him through meetings at industry events or letters sent by their solicitors. Amato was contacted by CBC Toronto via email for comment, but no answer was received right away.

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Ford and Clark both claimed they were not aware that Amato had requested the developers forward the land Amato had picked for disposal. While Clark claims he learned of the proposal a week prior, Ford claims he was only informed on the sites the day before the cabinet authorized the revisions. Amato’s resignation did not satisfy opposition leaders who continued to demand greater responsibility. John Fraser, the interim leader of the Liberal Party, said Amato’s departure didn’t end the issue and urged the housing minister to step down as well. Fraser said in a statement that it was “simply not believable” that a single political aide was responsible for the $8.3 billion cash-for-land scheme.

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