Is Rey Skywalker Pregnant? Star Wars character pregnancy details

Pregnancy is an emotional as well as happy moment for a woman who wants to live fullest. But when a famous celebrity got pregnant, it becomes national news as many people show their interest in this news and are always keen to know whether it is true and when they can expect the due date. However, sometimes, rumors have been created in order to get clout and a lot of traffic and that is why it is necessary to check the fact before believing it and that is why we brought the details of this news which trends on the web.

Rey Skywalker Pregnant

Is Rey Skywalker Pregnant?

This time the pregnancy rumors of Rey Skywalker are in the news and her fans want to know if is it true as well other details of her personal life. Well before sharing the details of it, it is necessary to keep in your mind that Rey Skywalker is a fictional character in the franchise Star Wars and she is the main protagonist of this last movie. The analysis of Nerdatron disclosed a set of hints in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (TROS) which direct to the remarkable ending that the main protagonist of the film is expecting twins.

Rey Skywalker Pregnant

Though it was later found that it was not just Nedratron but other admirers who had already come to the same kind of ending. In the spite of not getting credit for the discovery, Nerdatron shares the list of concealed clues from TROS showing that Rey is definitely pregnant with the future Skywalkers. The character Rey first comes in the year 2015 movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. The character played the role of a scavenger on the desert planet Jakku. Rey is portrayed as resourceful, brave, strong-willed, and naturally gifted in battle and the Force.

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Rey Skywalker Pregnant

All over the sequel trilogy, Rey becomes the pivotal figure in the struggle of Resistance against the First Order. Now many of the fans of the film want to know if is Rey really pregnant. The character of Rey has become everyone’s favorite and has been praised for her characterization as a strong female main lead in the franchise of this film. Recently, her pregnancy news starts trending on the web and the audience looking to know about it. Nerdatron mentioned a series of hidden clues in the film that hinted that Rey Skywalker was pregnant with twins. Speaking about the Wikipedia of Rey, she is the main character of the sequel movie trilogy in the SW franchise.

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