Who is Kerly Theus? Haiti goalkeeper performance incredible save against England in FIFA World Cup

Women have changed the thinking of people who thinks football is only made for men. There are many wonderful female footballers around the world which is making everyone proud and giving tough competition. The list of wonderful female footballers is long and out of this we came here to talk about Kerly Theus. The goalkeeper of Haiti stuns fans with a great performance against England in FIFA World Cup. At a very young age, she proved herself to the world and established a strong and loyal fan base. Now her loyal fans are cheering her for the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

Kerly Theus

Who is Kerly Theus?

There are many people who came here to know about the details of Saturday’s match. In an enthralling Women’s World Cup opener for both teams, Georgia Stanway who is playing from the side of England made sure her retaken penalty counted to give the Lionesses the winning over debutants Haiti. She took 2 penalty kicks after Kerly Theus left her goal early in order to block the initial try of Bayern Munich which was given following a handball. Kerly Theus, 24 is the goalkeeper for the national team of Haiti and Aigle Brillant AC. The match was exciting to watch which was held at Lang Park.

Kerly Theus Video Shows saves against England in FIFA World Cup

The midfielder of England played very well and impressed the audience with her 2nd chance. Not only her team but her coach Sarina Weigman also commemorated this winning. The team England played very well and even made their space among one of the favorites to triumph in the World Cup. Before the match, Wiegman, Lionesses’ manager had to make several tough decisions about her beginning lineup, with the most fascinating of them being the choice to be the Russo of Arsenal over Daly of Aston Villa. Now, it is time to talk about the main subject of this blog.

This name did not require any kind of introduction and she already proved in Saturday’s match that she is a wonderful player and a tough competition for others. The player was born on 7th January 1999 which made her 24 years old in 2023. She is currently appointed as a goalkeeper for the Haiti women’s national team and Aigle Brillant AC. She played for the Haitian under-20 national team in all 3 of the games of the team at the 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup, the first-ever group of the significant international competition of women. People are excited to watch her playing in more games. For more such updates, be connected with us.

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