Who Is Tom Curren’s Wife Maki Curren? Where Is Tom’s Ex-Wife Marie Curren?

Meet the wife of Tom Curren, Maki Curren. We are going to talk about his wife in this article and we are also going to know where is his ex-wife Marie Curren in this article. Tom Curren is a former professional American surfer. He is renowned for his creative and fashionable approach to riding waves and is recognized as one of the finest surfers of all time. He was born on 3rd July 1964 in Santa Barbara, California. He started his career at the age of 17. Tom Curren earned a great deal of recognition and success in the world of competitive surfing throughout the course of his career. In 1985, 1986, and 1990, he won the World Surfing Championship three times, displaying his extraordinary talent and dependability in the sport. Curren distinguished himself from many of his contemporaries with his unusually refined and elegant manner.

Tom Curren's Wife Maki Curren

Who Is Tom Curren’s Wife Maki Curren?

Tom Curren is honored for his contributions to surf culture and advancement in addition to his achievements in competition. Surfers all over the globe respect and admire him for his ability to perform in a range of wave settings, from strong reef breaks to tiny beach breaks. He continued to remain active in the surfing world after giving up full-time competition surfing. He periodically took part in niche events and had a presence in the sector. He also followed other hobbies, such as music, and played the guitar and made music recordings. Tom Curren had a huge impact on surfing, and his legacy continues to motivate new surfers today.

Tom's Ex-Wife Marie Curren

According to the report, Tom Curren is currently married to Maki Curren. He has not disclosed her identity properly in public. Maki has been seen in man matches with Tom. He has appeared many times with his wife in his games. Makki has also joined Tom as a Tom Paddle. The couple is blessed with two children whose names are Patrick and Francis.

maki curren

A lot of people don’t know that Tom Curren has done two marriages. Maki is her second wife. First, he was married to Marie Curren. They both got married on 26th April 1989 in Australia. Then they got separated from each other in 1993. It is not clear where is Marie Curren right now. She has not come into the eyes of the media for a very long time. Tom is the son of Jeanie Curren and Pat Curren. So keep following pkb news for more interesting articles.

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