Who is Joseph Ladapo? What Happened To The Surgeon General Of Florida?

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Joseph Ladapo

Who is Joseph Ladapo

Professors at the University of Florida had high hopes for Joseph Ladapo. However, their faith in him was quickly misplaced. In 2021, the institution hastened his nomination to a tenured professorship in conjunction with his appointment as Florida’s surgeon general. Governor Ron DeSantis’ choice for the position of chief medical officer of the state, Joseph Ladapo, impressed them with his Harvard training and background as a research professor at UCLA and New York University. Researchers had predicted that Joseph Ladapo would bring at least $600,000 in grant money to his new job from his previous role at UCLA.

Who is Joseph Ladapo Surgeon General Of Florida

That was untrue. They figured he would study internal medicine and fulfill the guidelines in his employment letter. Instead, he wrote a memoir outlining his reservations about vaccines, guest spoke to graduate students, and edited scientific research articles. National attention has been drawn to Joseph Ladapo’s opposing opinions on COVID-19 rules and immunizations during his tenure as surgeon general. By claiming that the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech immunizations offer a risk to young, healthy males and by warning individuals under 65 not to obtain the most recent COVID booster doses, he has challenged the medical establishment.

He was also criticized for endorsing hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug that the late President Donald Trump had promoted as a treatment for the coronavirus. Further investigation showed that the drug did not prevent COVID-19. Joseph Ladapo raised red flags right away, even though the state has offered previous appointments tenured jobs of the same kind. While it often takes months to interview and evaluate candidates for tenure-track professorships, Ladapo’s application was completed in less than three weeks. As with anyone going through the tenure process, “a lot of people thought he had been vetted by the College of Medicine,” said a current UF professor who was given permission to speak freely and remain anonymous. That would have raised a lot of suspicions.

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