Who Is Erin Hamilton-Foley? Edwardsville Illinois assistant principal accused of assaulting student

Recently the news about the Edwardsville Illinois assistant principal is going viral over the internet. Everyone seems to be interested in this matter as she was accused of some serious matters. The public is going through the internet to know more about her, not just that they’ll are also going through the internet to know about the chargers of her as they are going viral over the internet. In this article, we are going to give the details about Erin Foley. Not just that we are also going to give the information about the chargers of hers in this article. Keep scrolling through the article to know more.

Erin Hamilton-Foley

Who Is Erin Hamilton-Foley?

Erin Foley, an assistant principal in Edwardsville, Illinois, was detained for having sex with a young student. An assistant principal at Edwardsville High School is facing criminal charges after it was discovered that she had sex with a student under her supervision. The prosecution has two counts of criminal sexual assault against 50-year-old Erin Hamilton-Foley. In connection with an alleged relationship she reportedly had with a 17-year-old student, Erin Hamilton-Foley, an associate principal at Edwardsville High School, was charged on Wednesday with two counts of criminal sexual assault. The Edwardsville Police Department apprehended Hamilton-Foley on Tuesday in response to a report that he had sex with a youngster.

An allegation that Edwardsville Police in Missouri received on Monday indicated that a school assistant principal reportedly had intercourse with a minor, according to a press release from Madison County State’s Attorney Thomas Haine. A day later, she was taken into custody on suspicion of sexual assault. According to the criminal records, Hamilton-Foley was the student’s designated mentor at the time of the alleged sexual assaults.”It is a crime when adults in positions of trust, authority, and supervision over our youths – let alone their students – manipulate that power dynamic for sex,” Haine added in the statement.

“We pursue such crimes based on their gravity. Such actions substantially undermine trust in our schools and instructors while seriously affecting a number of interpersonal relationships and our community as a whole. Erin Hamilton-Foley is the assistant principal at Edwardsville High School. Foley provided kids with specialized educational programs. Foley is in charge of 11th-grade students and is in charge of the following academic subjects: math, CASTLE/FLS/PAES, Tiger Den, Sophomore Class Officers 2023, and Senior Awards Night, according to the District 7 website. According to her teaching license, Foley has endorsements for superintendent responsibilities for grades pre-kindergarten through grade 12, general administrative duties for grades kindergarten through grade 12, and school social worker duties for grades pre-kindergarten through age 22.

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