Who Is Craig Smart: Meet Helen Smart’s Husband Craig Smart Kids Stanley And Heidi

The well-known Olympic swimmer Helen Smart passed away. This news has turned come out as the biggest shocking news on the internet. This devastating news has shattered the community swimming right now. She passed away really unexpectedly. She represented Team GB in various international swimming competitions. Her fans are really sad regarding the demise of their favorite Olympic athlete. She was a proud athlete, daughter, wife, and mother. She left her whole family. Now many people are very interested to know about her family. People are very interested to learn about her husband Craig Smart and her children. So come with us and let us discover everything about her family in this article.

Helen Smart

Who Is Craig Smart

Helen Smart passed away tragically at the age of 43. She was a famous Olympic swimmer. She used to represent Team GB. her sudden passing news has sent shockwaves to the whole community of sports. her family, friends, and fans have been left in a devastating situation. her achievements as a swimmer are totally incredible. after participating in various swimming events and gaining a lot of recognization she transitioned as a teacher, as she used to teach new swimmers. She used to train upcoming swimmers for competitions. She inspired many people in their careers. She was totally incredible as a swimmer and as a teacher.

Helen Smart Husband

Helen Smart’s husband is one of the most searched people on the web right now. She was married to Craig Smart. Her husband Craig always stood up for her. he always take a stand for her and supported her wife in every part of her life. They were living a very happy life till the demise of Helen. They both were the power couple even after their rise to fame of Helen. They are together since their young days. Now look at the next paragraph to know about their kids.

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Craig Smart

Helen Smart was the mother of two children. She was blessed with two kids named Stanley and Heidi. heidi is the oldest child and Stanley is younger. This is a very tough time for both the kids as they lost their mother at a very less age. This is going to deeply affect them now. May god bless them and may god give them power to handle this situation. Both the child was deeply connected to their mother. Helen always guided them and she was the biggest support person in the life of her kids. May her soul Rest in Peace.

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