Who Is Clifford Harper? Townsend Junior High teacher arrested accused of teaching class while drunk

In recent news, it was reported that Clifford Harper, Townsend Junior High teacher has been arrested on suspicion of intoxication. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

Clifford Harper

Who Is Clifford Harper?

You must explore the article stay informed about recent developments and discover unknown facts by gaining information through these general articles at the PKB News. According to our relevant sources, on Thursday, August 24, 2023, Townsend High teacher, Clifford Harper was arrested in anticipation of turning up drunk to the classroom. According to sources, the STEM teacher has been arrested and charged with public intoxication and child endangerment. Shortly after his arrest, he was reportedly booked into the West Valley Detention Center in California, Chino Hills. Scroll down to the next section for more.

Currently, the investigation against Clifford Harper is ongoing and officials have not revealed the circumstances that led to several allegations against the 49-year-old teacher. Reportedly, a letter from Townsend Junior High  School informed the parents that Harper would be put on administrative leave as officials carried out the matter. Reportedly, the timeline of the allegations against Clifford Harper. On August 24, 2023, around 11:30 a.m. many fellow teachers at Chino Hills Townsend Junior School claimed that Clifford Harper was showing signs of intoxication. Harper was detained by officers from the Chino Hills Police Department shortly after the complaint. However, the teacher has not publicly been vocal on the allegations.

Currently, the case is unfolding in the early stages of the investigation, the officials have not revealed how Clifford Harper’s colleagues came to suspect that he was intoxicated. However, Harper determined that was reason to believe that Harper’s colleague’s anticipation was right. Due to the utilization of various machines and pieces of equipment required for the course, he alleged drunkness was considered more dangerous. Reportedly, the organization noted that this is the only way that teachers could supposedly be rehabilitated in the future. In many other cases, teachers are uncomfortable about getting rehabilitated due to the fact that they could risk losing their jobs.

In any case, alcoholism becomes an issue, it can also impact any future employment opportunities. However, no officials have been vocal on whether Heather suffers from alcoholism. Many other reports suggest that teachers are turning to more extreme narcotic substances to deal with while teaching.

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