Who are Dr. Waliul Islam and Dr. Sangeeta Dutta? Assam Doctor Couple Arrested

In recent news, it was reported that Dr. Walliul Islam and his wife were booked for torturing their minor ‘adopted daughter’. Moreover, Islam was charged in a similar case in 2017. You are required to read the article for further information and follow us around for all the insights. On Saturday, May 6, the Guwahati Police filed a charge sheet against Dr, Walliul Islam and his wife, Dr Sangeeta Datta, for allegedly torturing their 3-year-old adopted daughter for many months. The horrific incident came to light after noted child rights activist Miguel Das Queah who runs an NGO named UTSAH posted about it on his Facebook handle, pleading for Police assistance in rescuing the minor girl. The couple used to tie their ‘adopted daughter’ on the terrace in the scorching summer heat, the images of the same surfaced online. Reportedly, the girl has reportedly been retrieved by the police.

Assam Doctor Couple Arrested

Who are Dr. Waliul Islam and Dr. Sangeeta Dutta?

Several media reports have stated that Dr. Waliul Islam and a caretaker named Lakshmi Nath have been arrested while Dr Sangeeta Datta is absconding. However, a PKB News report stated that the couple has been detained. It was also reported that the accused Dr Sangeeta Datta had released a video statement wherein she alleged that she and her husband have been a target of a conspiracy to finish their careers. She also refuted all the allegations against her and her husband.


In reaction to this, child rights activist Miguel Das Queah said that the minor has sustained injuries due to the torture inflicted by the couple. In a recent Facebook post shared hours ago, Queah claimed that the little girl has bug burn injury marks on the buttocks, and Dr. Sangeeta Datta has the guts to release dramatic video statements on social media which claims that they both deserve jail as they were both very much active in town on March 11, 2023.

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Assam Doctor Couple Arrested

In another Facebook post, the activist said that the Guwahati Police has taken cognizance of the matter adding that he received regular complaints about the cruelties inflicted by the couple on their daughter. Queah also urged the police to rescue the minor girl from the abusive environment. The child rights activist also claimed that the accused Dr Waliul Islam has another adopted daughter from a previous marriage, whom he had abandoned.


According to a sentimental Assam report, the couple initially claimed that the minor girl is their adopted daughter, however, they later claimed that the girl child is theirs and that they underwent an IVF procedure. The report also stated that Dr Waliul Islam has earlier been charged with a similar offense. In 2017, he was accused of child abuse and had to appear before the Child Protection Commission, where a court decided against him.

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