Terrance Bethel’s Wife And Lindsay Shiver Arrested After Plotting To Kill Husband

Do you know Terrance Bethel’s wife? Currently, this topic is currently surrounded on the internet. This topic has created a buzz online. This news is trending because recently there is the biggest news has come out on the internet which has given a shock to people. News has come out on the internet that, Terrance Bethel was in an alleged affair with Lindsay Shiver. And this news came out on the internet because of the arrest of Lindsay. She is the Georgia pageant queen. All this news is viral online. And people are really confused regarding this case. Now netizens are really concerned to know more about Terrance Bethel and they also want to know about his wife. And netizens also want to know about Lindsay Shiver.

Terrance Bethel's Wife

Terrance Bethel’s Wife And Lindsay Shiver Arrested

This case started when the news of Lindsay Shiver getting arrested. She got arrested on the charge of murdering his husband. Strange right? Yes, this news is true. Lindsay has killed her husband Robert Shiver. Now this case has taken a new turn and it has marked a new twist, that Lindsay was in an alleged relationship with a man named Terrance Bethel. This news has given a huge shock to the people on the internet. Scroll down to know more.

Terrance Bethel Wife Affair With Lindsay Shiver

Not just Lindsay, two other men have gone arrested in the case of the murder of Robert Shiver. Two men are named Terrance Bethel and Faron Newbold. Faron is the biggest twist of this case because it is not clear what was his connection with this case. This plot has raised the eyebrows of the people because this twist has given a huge shock to everybody. According to the source, Terrance is a 28-year-old man. He was in an extramarital affair with Lindsay. This news has given a huge shock to the family of the victims.

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Lindsay Shiver

Some people are thinking that Lindsay Siver is the wife of Terrance Bethel. So this is not true. They both were in an alleged relationship. They both are arrested now because of the charge of killing Robert Shiver. They killed him in the Bahamas. Till now it is not clear who is the wife of Terrance Bethel. it is unknown when the alleged relationship between Lindsay and Terrance started. They both reside in the Bahamas. Three victims are under custody right now. Reports claim, both the alleged partner hired a man named Faron Newbold to help them in killing Robert Shiver. More information will be get discovered soon.

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