Where Is Susan Wright? Candle Wax Killer, Children Kailey Wright And Bradley Wright

Who is the family of the murderer Susan Wright? There has been curiosity in knowing more about the children of Candle Wax Killer Susan Wright. You will get complete details about Susan Wright’s children Kailey Wright and Bradley Wright in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Susan Wright

Who Is Susan Wright?

Susan Wright is the murderer. Kailey Wright and Bradley Wright are her two children. Where are they right now? She was convicted of the murder of her husband, Jeff Wright, She stabbed her several times. According to data, she stabbed him 193 times. She buried his body in the backyard after stabbing him. Everyone was shocked after the incident. She started being criticized a lot. This case got the attention of a lot of people and was featured on Sex And Murder Discovery. There has been more curiosity among the people to know more about the life of Susan. Who are her children?

Who Are Susan Wright’s Children?

Susan Wright is the mother of Kailey Wright and Bradley Wright. Their father is Jeff Wright who has been killed by her. The couple gave birth to their first child who is Bradley Wright and then to their second child who is Jeff Wright. Jeff used to drink a lot. Their life was ruined. The murder took place in 2003. Her husband used to drink a lot and the condition was not good at home. Susan was 26 years old.

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How Were Susan Wright And Jeff Wrght’s Love Life?

Susan Wright and Jeff Wright met in Galveston, Texas. They were 21 years old. She was working as a waitress on the beach. They started dating each other and fall in love. After meeting Susan, he realized that she is the one he desires in his life. She became pregnant after some time. They were still, in a relationship. As she announced her pregnancy, the couple got married. After a few years of their, the couple started fighting with each other. As he was drunk, he started abusing her and her kids. She finally made a plan to kill her husband. The incident took place on 13th January 2003. She tied him to bed and started stabbing her. She stabbed her 193 times. She was said not to be guilty as she is said to be killing her in self-defense. After that, she was sentenced to 25 years. Later, her sentence was reduced to 20 years. Stay tuned for more details on our website.

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