What happened to Farida Sobowale? Actress apologizes over suicide attempt

In a recent turn of events, Farida Sobowale has explained why she wanted to commit suicide by plunging into the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos on Thursday. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the valuable insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

Farida Sobowale

What happened to Farida Sobowale?

Reportedly, the biography of Farida Sobowale stands apart in a world where we are motivated and inspired by the tales of extraordinary people. Her life’s path is full of fortitude, resilience, and tenacity that have left an ever-lasting impression. This article will provide you with the complex life of Farida Sobowale, has shed light on her engrossing biography, and her accomplishments in a successful career, difficulties in her marriage, and her unwavering faith amidst adversity. We embark on a journey to understand the woman behind the name ‘Phreedah’ from the heights of her professional achievements to the vulnerabilities she strongly shared. You must join us as we are here to explore the untold stories and enduring legacy of Farida Sobowale who is a reminder of human power. We shall also discuss her recent controversy of committing suicide. Continue reading for learning the same.

Farida Sobowale

Farida Sobowale, a woman of establishment and accomplishment is rumored to have entered the stages of her forties which is a phase of life where wisdom and experience. Meanwhile, her exact age is under speculation, her journey through these vital years shed light on a life filled with diverse experiences and a wealth of knowledge. Her story becomes one full of maturity, evolving, and constant aspects of her passions as she moves forward with late adulthood. The late 40s are a time when Farida Sobowale’s presence reflects a unique blend of wisdom which made her a reminder of inspiration for those who see to accept the richness of life’s later chapters. As we discuss her career, then she donned the role of a businesswoman at the House of Phreedah Bodycare and Spa. She has carved her dreams into reality with an extraordinary vision.

Why did Farida Sobowale attempt suicide?

Knowingly, under her leadership, the House of Phreedah has grown into a place of wellness, where resting and rejuvenating intertwine seamlessly. However, her keen understanding of the art of self-love and her commitment to excellence have carved this establishment into a haven where patrons find peace and solace. Recently, the marriage of Farida, a businesswoman, who is popular in the skincare industry in Lagos crashed a few days ago. Reportedly, she had a lavish wedding about two months ago, and her husband, Demola has reportedly moved out of their home. In a recent turn of events, it was reported that Fardia drove her Lexus SUV to the extension, and was going to hop into the Lagoon where she was restrained by the people around. Scroll down to the next section to know more about the incident.

Farida Sobowale

According to a viral video clip seen by Sahara Reports, the Lagos socialite, who used to wear the black attire sobbed as she was held by some people who prevented her from jumping into the lagoon. Currently,  she also explained why she wanted to commit suicide by plunging into the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos on Thursday. Moreover, she has also apologized to her children for her attempt of committing suicide by jumping off the Third Mainland Bridge, into the Lagoon. Reportedly, the socialite, who is widely known as King Phreedah has been in the news lately over reports of her crashed marriage. The news is making rounds online alleging that her husband, Demola Okulaja had packed out of their matrimonial home and was dating before their marriage. However, on Thursday, Farida reportedly drove her Lexus SUV to the mainland bridge came down, and was about to jump off from the vehicle, but was rescued by some people at the scene.

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Farida Sobowale

Reportedly, in a video shared online, can be seen where Fardia expressed appreciation to those who had rescued her from the suicide attempt and those that showed concern over her ordeal. However, she pleaded with her family members for their forgiveness for causing them embarrassment with the attempt to end her life. According to Farida, her estranged husband had pledged commitment to their marriage but fell short of the promises. Moreover, she blamed it on love, by explaining her action in an audio that went viral eventually. In a statement, she said that her N100 million marriage with another Lagos socialite, Demola crashed after two months. She said that she has forgiven her ex-husband and expressed that may God bless him with another wife. She apologized that she is sorry for putting her children into such a place and she is having a hard time forgiving herself for this sensitive act.

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