Where Is Sarah Jindra Going After Leaving WGN? New Job and Salary

Currently, the most trending person on the internet is Sarah Jindra. Because recently she announced that she is leaving WGN. Sarah is the news traffic reporter. She used to work for WGN but now after many years, she has announced her separation from WGN. She joined WGN in 2017 and she became one of the famous reporters. She gained popularity after joining WGN. She is leaving WGN after 7 years. She was the news traffic reporter of the WGN morning show. She is known for her expertise in covering transportation and traffic-related news. She is a seasoned traffic reporter. She has given many insight news. Read the whole article to know everything about her. We are going to tell you where is she going after leaving WGN so read this article very carefully and do not miss anything.

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Where Is Sarah Jindra Going After Leaving WGN?

Sarah Jindra is a traffic news reporter. She has covered valuable Chicago area traffic. She tells people about the condition and transportation issues. She was one of the best reporters on the morning show of WGN. Her fans are saying that they are going to miss her in the show. She had a huge contribution to the success of the WGN morning show. Look at the next paragraph to know everything.

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Sarah Jindra was very famous because she was really relatable to people. She was very good to communicate with the public. She had a very unique way of engaging and giving informative reports to the audience. After many years she has taken an exit from WGN. Now people have raised a lot of questions regarding the exit of Sarah from WGN. There are a lot of questions that have been asked by people about her. People are really curious to know about her new job. People want to know where is she going after leaving WGN. So to know this you have to scroll down to the next paragraph of this article.

According to the source, the news has come out that she is not properly leaving WGN, she is just quitting the morning show and now she is going to do a new job in WGN. She is going to co-host the new show with Ji Suk Yi. She is still part of WGN. So now all the rumors are clear. She is going to do the afternoon show named “Spotlight Chicago”. This show is scheduled to air on weekdays from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm CT.

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