Where Is Jim Payne Going After Leaving WESH 2? New Job And Salary

Now another reporter is leaving the station. In some past months, we all have read much news about many reporters who are leaving their respective stations. So similarly now there is another reporter who is leaving his station. The well-known reporter Jim Payne is now leaving WESH 2. He recently announced this news on his social media handle. This is a sudden announcement that has sent shockwaves through the entire media world. As we all know very well about him. He is one of the most recognized reporters in the world of media. Come let us discover everything about his decision to leave WESH 2.

Jim Payne

Where Is Jim Payne Going After Leaving WESH 2

Jim Payne is a popular journalist who is mostly known for working in WESH 2. He had an incredible 45 years of working experience. He has been working in the media industry for the past 45 years. He completed more than 4 decades in the media world. He worked for many years in Central Florida. He played a role as working as a role in the news landscape in Central Florida. Jim has been working with WESH 2 for many years now and now after many years, he has decided to leave the show. Scroll down to know why he has taken this decision.

Jim Payne leaving WESH 2

Some days ago Jim Payne announced that now he is leaving WESH 2. He worked there for several years. And now after many years, he is leaving the hands of WESH 2. With decades of experience, he is now leaving this station. Since this announcement, people have been curious to learn where he is going after leaving WESH 2. Here is he going to do a new job. So according to the information, he is not going anywhere else. he is not going to do a new job. Now he is taking a retirement from work. Continue reading to know exactly about his retirement.

After working for the media industry, Jim Payne is now finally taking retirement. He has taken a well-deserved retirement. His contribution to the world of journalism was Hats-off. If we look at his net worth it is not clear what is his exact net worth but his yearly salary may be approximately $33774 to $112,519. So his yearly income indicates that his current net worth is approximately $1 Million to $5 Million. He will be remembered forever in WESH 2. But he deserves this retirement after working for 45 years. May he enjoy his retirement life. Now it’s his time to enjoy with his family.

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