Wheel Of Fortune WWE Superstars: Contestant Make NSFW Guess That Led To Laughs

If you heard the word “Wheel of Fortune” and are keen to know about it then you are in the right place. This term is presently making rounds on the Internet and people are showing their interest in it and want to know what it is and why the superstars of WWE are getting involved in it. Those people who don’t know about WOF let them clear that it is an American game show which was created by Merv Griffin. This show has been telecasted continuously since the month of January 1975. This show is basically based on a competition in which participants solve word puzzles. It is kind similar to the giant carnival wheel.

Wheel Of Fortune WWE Superstars

Wheel Of Fortune WWE Superstars

Recently 2 WWE superstars were seen in this show cracking up after she offered an NSFW guess to one of the puzzles of the fame. This show is currently hosted by Pat Sajak. The audience gets shocked after watching the NSFW guess. On Monday episode of 27th March 2023, the first installment of the WWE tournament of the game show, which pairs contestants with WWE fighters. Jones played adjacent to Drew McIntyre, with WWE stars Carmella and Xavier Woods teaming up with the 2 other players of the show.

Wheel Of Fortune WWE Superstars

McIntyre and Jones were trying to solve a 3-word puzzle in the “Fun & Games” category, with the blanks in the phrase seeing like this:  “_ L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ L L S.” McIntyre studied the board and then leaned down to murmur something to Jones, who then enlisted a guess. She asked “Playing with balls?” Ostensibly, not the entirely inappropriate answer- that is, until Woods began laughing, prompting the mind of everyone to get to the mischievous place. At first, Sajak kept his coll and then he declared that “Nope, still me”. Though, McIntyre started laughing with Woods.

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Wheel Of Fortune WWE Superstars

Mike Bozzuffi who was the contestant on the show played along with Woods, and later rightly guessed the answer and that is “Playing With Dolls”. The host went towards the duo in order to congratulate them on their triumph and also took the chance to whisper to Woods, “You are trouble”, prior to laughing himself. Woods asked, “What did I do?” The official page of “Wheel Of Fortune” shared a video of the amusing moment and tagged McIntyre, penning “Come get your girl.” Austin Creed who is popular with Woods, also tweeted about the comic moment, asking, “I don’t know how was I supposed to give a reaction on it?” The audience really enjoy this episode and excited to watch more.

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