What Happened To Ryan Waller? $15 Million Lawsuit And Documentary

The lawsuit of Ryan Waller has been a topic in trend. People want to know more about him. What happened to him? You will get complete details about Ryan Waller in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Ryan Waller

What Happened To Ryan Waller?

Ryan Waller was found with his girlfriend, Heather Quan in December 2006. They both were shot in a home invasion. The police arrived at the scene where they concluded that Ryan might have killed his girlfriend. He was taken for investigation and asked a lot of questions. He was not able to get medical treatment due to the interrogation. They were said to be in a relationship for eight months. They started living together After that.

Ryan was a high school passed out while his girlfriend, Heather Quan was in college. They along with another roommate, Alicia, rented a room in Pheonix, Arizona. Two years later, Ryan filed a lawsuit against San Francisco Police Department. He demanded $15 million for the damage he faced and the delay in getting medical treatment due to police interrogation.

Ryan Waller

What Was The Result Of The Lawsuit Filled By Ryan Waller Against the Police Department?

Ryan Waller’s lawsuit was canceled three weeks after its filing. It was revealed by the court that the police did not force him or restrained his rights. The trial did not begin as the lawsuit was canceled before. It was found that the delay in treatment did not affect his injury’s severity. It was the city’s evaluation that Ryan’s family and a brain surgeon denied. The surgeon reported that his brain was bleeding and swelling. It was harmful to him as it might lead to catastrophic damage. The case was said to be facing corruption. The police officers and other officials might be canceled the lawsuit as it might go in favor of Waller.

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Ryan Waller


Ryan Waller, an 18-year-old guy, was mistreated and assumed to be a murderer. He was a victim but treated as a murderer. The incident affected him a lot. In 2006, a guy and his father shot Ryan Waller and his girlfriend, Quan. Quan died on the spot, but he was able to survive. The case was said to be mistreated and not investigated properly to provide justice. Quan was shot in her head so she was not able to survive. Their family was worried after he did not appear on Christmas and answer the calls. The suspect Richie was arrested while Larry was able to escape along with the weapon. He flew to California but was caught later.

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