What Happened to Reese Mcguire? Red Sox’s Alex Cora, ‘bad baseball play’ to end game

After the Saturday game that was played between the Boston Red Sox and The Toronto Blue Jays, shit is falling on Red Sox’s Reese Mcguire as the manager of the Boston Red Sox described it as a bad baseball play. Apparently, the manager of the Red Sox is not happy with Reese Mcguire’s game because he inexcusably got doubled off second base. Since the Toronto Blue Jays celebrated after defeating the Red Sox in a baseball game played on Saturday, August 5, 2023, in Boston, Reese Mcguire is being condemned. After the hard-to-accept defeat against the Toronto Blue Jays in Boston, Alex Cora gave a shocking statement over Red Sox’s performance. He described it as “a bad baseball play”. You should read in detail what Alex Cora said about Reese Mcguire. Swipe down the page and go through this article for more details.

Reese Mcguire

Who Is Reese Mcguire?

When Connor Wong hit a 358-foot flyout to left-center field with two runners on base in the bottom of the ninth Reese Mcguire got doubled off second base. Kevin Kiermaier, the center fielder leaped in front of the Green Monster to make the catch. He threw into Santiago Espinal for a double play (8-4) to end the game. Meanwhile, at Fenway Park, The Boston Red Sox lost 5-4. Swipe down the page and read more details.

The manager of the Boston Red Sox said, “I think we all missed that one. I think Reese took off and then Carlos was looking at Urías. Everybody thought it was going to be off the wall and it was a bad play — a bad baseball play.” Reese Mcguire rounded the third base bag instead of holding up between the second and third base to see whether the center fielder would catch it or not. Meanwhile, the Red Sox third base coach Carlos Febles had his eyes on the runner at first base Luis Urias. Luis represented the winning run while Reese Mcguire represented the tying run.

The manager of the Red Sox further added he thought Wong homered when the bat hit the ball. Erik Swanson gave three straight singles with one out. “We all thought it was gone. Reese from the get-go. I was just talking to him. He thought it was gone. And then Carlos, he was looking at Urías. He just missed that one.” Now Red Sox are four matches behind the Blue Jays for the final Wild Card spot. Stay tuned.

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