What Happened To Race Across The World Series 2 Contestants?

Three years after their journey, where is the cast of Race Across The World Series two now? Find out the answer to your question in the following article and follow us around for more insights. BC’s popular travel program Race Across the World has been going on-air weekly episodes of the third series and fans are thrilled and excited by the five teams set off from Vancouver and head across Canada. Each episode has been full of tense moments and brilliant victories as the couples seek to scope the Euro 20,000 prize money. Viewers will be able to find out next week which couple will be the winner. The series’ three contestants are Cathie and Tricia, brothers Marc and Michael, husband, and wife Zainab and Mobeen, and two father-and-daughter-duos, Kevin and Claudia, and Ladi and Monique.

What Happened To Race Across The World Series 2 Contestant

After watching the third series, many people are wondering what happened to contestants from the previous season. the second series saw five different team travel from Mexico City to Ushuaia in Argentina. Continue reading to find out more about where the series two contestants are now.

What Happened To Race Across The World Series 2 Contestants

The sibling-duo DOM and LIZZIE SLATER  took part in series two and were successful in their travels as they made it all the way to the end of the journey, however, they ended up coming in third place so they missed out on the cash prize. Dom, a teaching assistant, and Lizzie, a chalet host ended up having to hitchhike to make it to the finish line which took them extra time, arriving after Emon and Jaimul and Jen and Rob. Currently, Lizzie has got an immense amount of success on social media working as an influencer and has over 24,000 followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, Dom has left his career in teaching behind and now works as a creative director at a commerce agency.

What Happened To Race Across The World Series 2 Contestants

Whereas, Jenna Lambra- Stokes and Rob Lambra-Stokes, a married couple Jenna and Rob Lambra-Stoke took part in the second series and like Dom and Lizzie were successful in making it to the end of the finish line but were just beaten to the post by Emon and Jamiul. To this day, both of them are still together and even are parents to twin boys who they welcomed in December 2021. You can follow Jenna on her Instagram @jennalambrastokes where they post adorable family pictures. The ultimate winners of Series 2 were the uncle and nephew duo Emon and Jaimul Chaudhary. Emon is an entrepreneur who has gone on to work as an ambassador and fundraiser for charities, while architecture graduate Jaimul now works as a designer.

Shutelle Greenidege and Michael Greenway were another team on the second series of Race Against the World but unfortunately, they were the first to walk away from the challenge. The couple was forced to leave when they traveled from Copan Ruinas in Honduras to Panama City, Panama. They faced trouble when Michael misplaced the money which was in his belt, meaning they did not have enough funds to continue. Last but not least, Mother-and-son-duo Jo and Sam Gardiner were clearly a good team as they made it to the seventh leg of the challenge in South America. However, upon getting to another location in Argentina, they ended up running out of money completely and were forced to drop out of the race. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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