What happened to Michelle Heath? Surgery Gone Wrong – Husband And Family

Michelle Heath is a Belfast fitness fanatic. After sharing her cosmetic surgery, she took the internet by storm, which was an absolute nightmare. On Tuesday, Michelle revealed her story to the This Morning Show, hosted y Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson. The Belfast native has grabbed massive attention, following her appearance on the show. People want to know about her family, her child and husband, and also her background. Let us share some available details with you guys.

Michelle Heath

Michelle Heath Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

Michelle Heath is from Belfast. She is a married woman with a child. As mentioned earlier, On the ITV daytime show “This Morning”, Heath was spotlighted there. She has become an internet sensation, as her surgery experience shocked people. Michelle Health has a child named Luke, but the identity of her husband is a mystery.
Yet it’s unclear who is the Belfast woman’s husband. She has refrained from sharing anything related to her background and family. Hopefully, she will share more about her marital life in the coming days.

On Tuesday, 11 April, Michelle Heath joined “This Morning” hosted by Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson to share her nightmare of plastic surgery. Since 18 years old, the Belfast woman had an overweight problem. In her early 20s, she began exercising regularly and paid attention to her diet. Within a few years, she lost an impressive 10 stone.
At the age of 24, she was diagnosed with conical breast syndrome. She underwent a breast lift and a belly tuck on the NHS.

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Who Is Michelle Heath? Husband And Family

When she was at the age of 39, her body was lean and toned. However, the skin on her inner thighs and her back bung down like flaps. To keep them in place, She had even resorted to taping the skin folds to her shorts. Michelle has spent over ten years feeling self-conscious about her sagging skin, at age 39. Hence for August 2021, the fitness fanatic scheduled the surgery. In Turkey, she was happy with the £4,000 surgery, However, it was an absolute nightmare, as the surgery didn’t go well. Heath explained that she had been informed that for two days, she would stay in the hospital. But after the operation, she was asked to leave after one day.

Michelle disclosed that without her consent, the surgeons performed liposuction and gave her a Brazilian bum lift. She required additional surgeries and skin grafts to rectify the mistakes. However, the results may have become far worse. She explained that “A BBL is a procedure when a surgeon takes fat from a part of your body and injects it into your bum”. Heath also mentioned that the procedure could lead to an embolism in one’s heart.
Now, Heath appears to be in better condition now.

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