What did Sergey Smbatyan do? Former Ambassador Arrested for Fraud & Suspended from Malta Philharmonic

Today’s big breaking headline is the former ambassador of Armenia to Isreal and his son have been arrested in large-scale fraud. Yes, you heard it right, Sergey Smbatyan and his father Armen Smbatyan have been detained in relation to large-scale fraud. Sergey Smbatyan is the artistic director and chief conductor of the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra while his father is the former ambassador of Armenia to Israel. Since the news of Sergey Smbatyan and Armen Smbatyan’s arrest news broke out, people have been left in a frenzy to know in what fraud case they have been arrested. If you are also scrambling to the internet regarding their arrest news, this article will let you know all the imperative aspects of this news. Stick with this page and follow it till the end. Scroll down.

Sergey Smbatyan

Why was Sergey Smbatyan Arrested?

Sergey Smbatyan and his father Armen Smbatyan were arrested as their actions allegedly led to a loss of one billion drams for the state and the 300 sq meter plot of the Yerevan Tchaikovsky Music School was also stolen. The general prosecutor’s office accused the former ambassador and his son. The department informed that the Sochocenter company offered to build a multi-functional complex in honor of the 500th anniversary of Armenian printing and Yerevan’s recognition as the world book capital in 2012. The company also proposed to construct a new boiler house and concert hall for the Tchaikovsky School. Note that all its own expense. Scroll down.

The former ambassador of Armenian to Israel Armen Smbatyan has held various positions in Armenia. Now it has been alleged that he convinced a relative named Avag Smbatyan to establish the “Sochocenter” company to avoid linking his son’s name to business activities. Reports also state that a former minister of culture and a close friend of Hasmik Poghosyan is another co-founder of the company who is also being investigated. Swipe down the page.

As of now, neither the former ambassador nor his son has responded to the accusations. In addition, the lawyers of the Smbatyan family are also not reachable. Hasmik Poghosyan is considered an accused in this case, and law enforcement is currently trying to locate co-founder Arman Petrosyan. The arrests of Sergey Smbatyan, his father Armen Smbatyan, and Hasmik Poghosyan were made after several years of investigation. Law enforcement has been investigating this fraud case for several years. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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