Kevin Alves Da Saliva arrested, Regulation enforcement in custody truck driver

A 20-year-old man named Kevin Alves da Saliva was arrested. This arrest news is currently the most viral news on the web right now. This news is heavily shared on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter (X). Kevin is a truck driver who is currently under custody. Internet users are really surprised after reading about the news of this arrest case because they are really shocked that a 20-year-old man has been accused. What crime he has done? What are the allegations against Kevin? All these questions have been asked by the public regarding this case. So to know about the whole case check out this whole article without missing any single line of this article.

Kevin Alves Da Silva Arrested

Truck driver Kevin Alves Da Saliva in custody

Kevin Alves da Saliva is a 20-year-old man who has been accused because of his reckless action. He is a truck driver who is now under police custody. He has been investigated by the police officers. He did an anonymous action that take a life-taking turn and because of that action, he is now under custody. This incident turned out as hell for him. This incident occurred in the Atlanta West Midtown area. To know everything about this case look at the next paragraph of this article now.

According to the source, Kevin Alves Da Saliva performed in hilarious action because of that he is behind bars right now. So in the Atlanta West Midtown area, Kevin performed donuts in the middle of the road which struck the pedestrians and caused street traffic. This accident has also been captured on CCTV. He has been arrested by a vigilant Georgia State Patrol trooper. This news is shared on many online platforms and some of the users are saying it as tribble act and some are saying that yes the police have done the correct thing by arresting Kevin. Some are saying that Kevin should be punished. Keep reading this article by scrolling down to the next paragraph.

This tragic incident happened on Sunday night. The footage of this incident is viral right now. The video shows a black Ford F-150 truck engaging in donuts at 17th Street. This video shows dangerous driving which turned out as dangerous for the public who was present at the location at that time. For public safety, Kevin has been taken into custody and currently, he is in prison. Further information will be revealed very soon after the completion of the investigation.

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