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Tim Crakanthorp, a member of the Labor party, has been serving in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly since October 25, 2014. Recently, he voluntarily reported a breach of the Ministerial Code of Conduct to Premier Chris Minns and subsequently resigned as a minister in the NSW government. This revelation has raised concerns about potential hidden conflicts of interest that may have influenced Mr. Crakanthorp’s decisions. In response, Mark Speakman, the leader of the opposition, has called for more information from the administration regarding these conflicts and their impact on decision-making processes. The public is seeking transparency and clarity on how these choices may have been affected and what actions the Premier intends to take in response to the breach. While Mr. Speakman did not demand Mr. Crakanthorp’s immediate expulsion from the party room, he emphasized the importance of resolving the issue to uphold public trust in the administration. The incident is particularly disappointing, given the early stage of the government’s tenure.

Tim Crakanthorp

Who Is Tim Crakanthorp Wife, Laura?

Tim Crakanthorp won a by-election to represent the Newcastle seat and was previously a member of the Newcastle City Council. He later served in the NSW Minns administration as the Minister for the Hunter, the Minister for Skills, TAFE, and Tertiary Education. Recent accusations have been made against Crakanthorp, including possible conflicts of interest between his official duties and private interests, as well as failing to report substantial family land holdings in the Hunter region. As a result, he has been asked to leave the cabinet and reported to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) for a “significant breach of ministerial conduct.” Premier Chris Minns stated that he has “lost confidence” in Crakanthorp due to his failure to disclose all known holdings by family members, which is a violation of the ministerial code. Crakanthorp has been serving as the Newcastle MP since 2014 and was assigned various portfolios after the Labor Party’s victory in the March election.

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Tim Crakanthorp

Tim Crakanthorp, a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly and Minister for Skills, TAFE, and Tertiary Education, recently admitted to a breach of the Ministerial Code of Conduct. He failed to disclose properties owned by his in-laws, the Manitta family, who own several properties in the Newcastle suburb of Broadmeadow. This area is currently zoned industrial but has been marked for a revitalization project by the City of Newcastle Council in partnership with the state government. Premier Chris Minns has referred the matter to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) due to concerns that Crakanthorp may have used his public role to benefit his private interests. The NSW ministerial code of conduct states that a minister could have a conflict of interest if any decisions could reasonably be expected to confer a private benefit on the minister or a family member. Crakanthorp disclosed two properties owned by his wife but omitted a third property in Broadmeadow. He self-reported the breach and amended his disclosure register. The Opposition Leader, Mark Speakman, called for transparency in the matter to maintain public confidence in the government’s decision-making process. The ICAC investigation will proceed without ongoing commentary from the Premier to ensure a fair and thorough examination of the issue.

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