Who Is Torin O’Brien? Arrested Police charged two protesters for trespassing

Some names are not only names. They are the headlines of the news and they are in the news for some reason. It is not necessary that every time person pulls the headlines of the news due to good reasons as most of the time the person came into the news for the wrong reasons. There is one such name that is in the news as well as on social media forcing everyone to find out the matter and the reason for the popularity of the person. Yes, your thinking is going towards the right direction, we are definitely talking about Torin O’Brien. This name is all over the news and social media platforms and people are quite fond of looking at the matter.

Torin O'Brien

Who Is Torin O’Brien?

This man made the headlines of the international news after leading a group of around 100-150 angry locals to the homes of the alleged teen criminals in order to protest their crimes, prompting the mass cops’ response and pulling the attention of the highest-ranking officer in the state. In the latest addition to this news, The government of Queensland has cancelled plans for an MP order to meet the ex-leader of the far-right “patriots” group.

Torin O'Brien

The former leader, Torin O’Brien has been asked to sit down “with cops and other stakeholders” by Rockhampton MP Barry O’ Rourke after he direct the group of 30 individuals who swarmed the home of the teen on Sunday, 7th May 2023. Mark Ryn, the police minister and O’Rourke at first defended the meeting, in spite of revelations by the media outlet about the previous affiliation of O’Brien with the Patriots Defence League which is basically a group that use to post offensive anti-Island content on a daily basis. On Wednesday, 10th May 2023, O’Rurke states that the sit-down would no longer go ahead.

The reports state that the Minister of Parliament had earlier stated that he has invited O’Brien in order to be part of the meeting with cops “in a try to de-escalate this situation and make sure he understands the important or significant dangers engaged in this behaviour.” At the start of this week, Facebook banned or permanently terminated O’Brien for breaching community standards, after he made the post of the names and pictures of 2 Aboriginal teens who he believed had committed some activities which are against the law and motivated locals to attend their residence. As of now, we just only have this many details related to this case but we are trying to fetch more information.

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