Fact check: Is Tiffany Chen Pregnant Again? Health Update 2023

Tiffany Chen is said to be pregnant. Is she pregnant again? People are curious to know more about Tiffany Chen and her article. You will get complete details about Tiffany Chen’s Pregnancy in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Tiffany Chen

Is Tiffany Chen Pregnant?

Tiffany Chen is said to be pregnant. She is a martial arts instructor. She has also been a part of the film industry. Rumors are being spread about her relationship with Robert De Niro. he is 79 years old actor. Sources say that they are together for the last few years. Robert De Niro’s seventh child is making rumors and the internet is on fire with the news.

Tiffany Chen

As she is rumored to be with actor Robert De Niro and she is said to be the mother of his upcoming baby. They are said to be welcoming a child this month. As she has just delivered a baby the previous month. She was rumored to be pregnant again. The rumors about her were false. However, he has confirmed that she is not pregnant. There has not been much information about her and her child. As she is rumored to be with Tiffany Chen. Is she really the girlfriend of Robert De Niro?

Tiffany Chen

Are Tiffany Chen and Robert De Niro Dating Each Other?

Tiffany Chen is a martial arts instructor and Robert De Niro is an actor. According to sources, they met each other in 2015. Tiffany Chen has done work in Hollywood also. She worked in 2010, Good Manners. While Rober De Niro is a dancer, swimmer, and gymnast. He was also good at martial arts. He has won several awards.

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They were seen in the movie, The Intern, in 2015. According to some sources, they started a relationship in 2021. His seventh child is said to be the first child with her. While his other six children are Drena, Raphael, Elliot, Helen Grace, Julian, and Aaron De Niro. Let us conclude the above.


Tiffany Chen is said to be pregnant. She is said to be the mother of actor Robert De Niro’s child. The couple is rumored to be dating since 2021. He has already been a father to six children who are with his other ex-girlfriends. He had two children with his first wife. This was all about Tiffany Chen’s pregnancy rumors. She has just given birth to her newborn one month earlier. She was said to be pregnant again that was only a false rumor. Stay tuned for more details.

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