Who is Tierra Young Allen? Houston woman detained in dubai, charged with screaming in public

This is to inform you that a woman from Houston was arrested in Dubai after a shocking turn of events. The Houston woman detained in Dubai is identified as Tierra Young Allen. Since Tierra Young Allen’s arrest news broke out, this story has been making headlines on social media where a video of Tierra Young Allen is also going viral, leaving netizens curious to know what happened or what led the Houston woman to get arrested in Dubai. If you are also scrambling to the internet regarding the same kindly go through the following sections of this column till the end. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Tierra Young Allen Houston Woman Detained In Dubai

Who is Tierra Young Allen? Houston Woman Detained In Dubai

Sources have suggested that Tierra Young Allen was arrested for screaming. Yes, you heard it right, the Houston woman was detained for yelling at a rental car company employee following an altercation. Now the Houston woman is charged with the crime of screaming which is punishable in Dubai, United Aram Emirates. This incident did not happen recently, it occurred reportedly in April 2023 when Tierra Young Allen was on a vacation in Dubai. Take a look at the next section and learn what actually happened at that time. Scroll down the page.

Tierra Young Allen Houston Woman Detained In Dubai

Tierra Young Allen was traveling with her friend in a rental car as a passenger but the rental car was involved in an accident. However, she and her friend did not sustain any injury in the accident but the rental car in which Tierra Young Allen’s personal belongings were inside was impounded. Tierra Young Allen is a popular personality on TikTok where she is known as The Sassy Tucker. Now she is being detained over in Dubai for allegedly yelling at a rental car agent which is apparently against the law of Dubai for a woman to be getting loud and raising their voice to a man. Sources have confirmed that she has been detained for 2 months and awaiting trial.

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Tierra Young Allen Houston Woman Detained In Dubai

Tierra Young Allen is 29 years of age and from Houston, Texas. The well-known truck driver often posts videos on TikTok dropping off and picking up luxury items. Tierra Young Allen’s mother Tina Baxter is advocating her daughter’s bail. Tina said her daughter met with a rude and aggressive rental car employee who demanded an undisclosed amount in exchange for her belongings due to which Allen allegedly raise her voice. Stay tuned to this website for further updates and the latest news.

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