The Traitors Peppermint Wikipedia And Age: Family And Ethnicity

Peppermint is the current center of attraction, thanks to her appearance on Season 2 of The Traitors. Since Peppermint entered the reality competitive show The Traitors, she has been captivating everyone’s attention as people in large numbers are scrounging the weblogs to learn what is her age and family background. Amidst the discussion about The Traitors, Peppermint became the topic of the town. However, it is not the first time when Peppermint has appeared in a reality television show. The last time she appeared in a reality show was in 2017 when she took part in RuPaul’s Drag Race to become a notable personality. In case, you are also scrambling to the web regarding the personal details of Peppermint, stick with this page and go through the article till the end. Swipe down the page for more details.

Traitors Peppermint

What Is Peppermint’s Ethnicity

Peppermint first gained notoriety when she competed in the ninth season of Drag Race. Now she is turning strides with her appearance on season 2 of The Traitors US where she is competing with several TV stars such as pro boxer Deontay Wilder, Real Housewives stars, and basketball player Marcus Jordan. All the stars are competing for the prize money of $250,000. Continue reading this article for more details. Peppermint is an American drag queen, singer, and actress. She has been active in this field for a long time. Over the years she has made her name renowned and popular among the people. But her real name is Agnes Moore. She is best known as Peppermint. Continue reading this article for more details.

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Traitors Peppermint

Peppermint gained fame and notoriety when she appeared as a contestant on the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, a reality competition television series, in 2017. Because Peppermint was the first transgender woman to take part in the show, she did not take long to captivate everyone’s attention and became a notable personality. Besides this, Peppermint is also involved in various projects in the entertainment industry. She has released several songs including singles, and an album called Black Pepper. Peppermint has several credits for her participation in TV shows such as God Friended Me, Translation, and Ugly Betty. Drag down the page for more details.

During an interview with Parade, Peppermint said before The Traitors US started airing, that she was a huge fan of The Traitors and wanted to compete on the show to represent the community of trans people. She added, “It’s not lost on me that in addition to me being the only Black trans woman in this house, this might be the first time a Black trans woman has gone into the houses of the viewers of this show, and that’s important to me to make an impression, whether I’m a Traitor or not,” Turning heads, Peppermint claimed that she feels like an underdog in The Traitors where she is competing for some renowned personalities. The Traitors started airing on Friday, January 12, 2024.

Peppermint was born Agnes Moore but some people say her real name is Kevin Moore. But despite too much whispering about Peppermint’s real name, she has not opened up about it. Speaking of her age, as of 2024, Peppermint is 44 years of age. She was born on January 31, 1980, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, She also lived in Wilmington, Delaware. During her formative years, Peppermint faced several challenges posed by traditional gender norms. While competing in Drag Race, Peppermint revealed that she was physically assaulted by male students of her high school’s basketball team when she was a cheerleader. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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