Terrorist leader of Hamas took part in Kerala protest virtually

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Hamas leader took part in protest programme virtually

Terrorist leader of Hamas took part in Kerala protest

On Saturday, Kerala BJP chairman K Surendran said that Hamas leader Khaled Mashal had virtually attended a demonstration against Israel’s conflict with the militant organization, which was arranged by an Islamist organization in the state. Surendran asserted Mashal’s attendance at the Friday gathering hosted by Jamaat-e-Islami’s youth wing, the Solidarity Youth Movement, in a Facebook post. Sharing a poster showing Mashal’s attendance at the Malappuram event hosted by the Movement’s district arm, the BJP leader said that this was the breadth of the crisis in Kerala, a traditionally secular state.

Terrorist leader of Hamas took part in Kerala protest

“Hamas terrorist leaders themselves participate in the festivities. He only participated virtually since he was unable to secure a visa. The aims of the organizers were clear,” Surendran remarked. BJP state vice president VT Rema comments on Hamas leader Khaled Mashal’s attendance at a pro-Palestine demonstration in Kerala, saying, “It was shocking news to hear.” The fact that a group of Islamic terrorists has exposed their true motivations in a secular nation like India’s southernmost state, Kerala, is both terrible and deployable. Everyone is aware that Hamas unexpectedly and unprecedentedly attacked Israel.”

The head of the BJP pleaded with the Kerala police and federal agencies to look into the issue more thoroughly. Nonetheless, the Solidarity Youth Movement’s state president, Suhaib C. T., defended the Hamas leader’s virtual involvement. He participated in our programme, which was designed to show support for the Palestinian people and denounce Israel’s aggression. There’s nothing strange about that, he told PTI. He said that since Hamas is neither an organization that operates in India nor a prohibited group, his involvement is not illegal. According to Suhaib, there will be numerous more solidarity gatherings in India, demonstrating the country’s support for the Palestinian people. Stay tuned with us for the latest news.

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