Tel Aviv Terror Attack Victim: Who was Michael Osdon? 2 Friend Shot By Terrorist

Many shooting incidents happened on Thursday, 9th March 2023, and out of these, we are sharing the details of one. According to the reports, a shooting happened close to a coffee shop in Tel Aviv located in Israel on Thursday night. In this lethal incident, 3 people get brutally wounded. The reports state that the incident has been classified as a terrorist attack and the culprit is still at large. The case has been lodged and police are currently investigating the matter. Many people are showing their interest in this case and want to know each and every detail of the case.

Michael Osdon

Who was Michael Osdon?

We understand the curiosity of the people who are keen to know the details of the case. According to the reports, the Israeli authorities probe the case, and several questions remain unanswered and the police put the country on high alert. The incident wounded 3 individuals, including Michael Osdon who is currently fighting for his life. The open firing has raised concerns about the safety as well as the security of Israelis and has sparked debate over the conflict of the county with the Palestinians. The investigating officers are currently investigating the matter and trying to find out the motive behind the attack which is presently not known.

Michael Osdon

As per some experts, the motive behind the assail is still not known, some experts have contemplated that it could be connected to the present going tensions in the region. On Thursday, 9th March 2023, an open firing assail happened close to the coffee shop in Tel Aviv located in Isreal. The reports state that this shooting happened in the afternoon and watchers reported hearing the sounds of the bullet shots and watching individuals running in panic. As per the starting reports, a single shooter started opening fire at the group of individuals outside the cafe, wounding 3.

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Michael Osdon

After the shooting, the gunman run away from the crime scene, and a manhunt ensued. The police listed this shooting incident as a terrorist attack and the security officers of Isreal have been put on high alert. This shooting incident has shaken the entire country, which has experienced desultory violence. As police probe the case, the aim is on recognising the criminal and trying to prevent such cases in the future. In this incident, Michael Osdon and his 2 pals got hurt. The 28-year-old citizen of Isreal is currently admitted to the hospital. The onlookers state that Osdon got the bullet in his chest and was admitted to the hospital in serious condition.

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