Survivor 44 Elimination: Who get eliminated from Survivor 44 This week?

Survivor is an American television show that was inspired by the Swedish television show Expedition Robinson. Every season of Survivor is the best in itself. People want to have more details about Survivor 44 eliminated contestants. Keep reading for more details about the season. 

Survivor 44 Elimination

Survivor 44 Elimination: Who Voted Out Today?

Survivor is an American reality show in which people are put in an isolated place where they must arrange their food, shelter, and fire. The competitors are tested on every ground, be it physical strength like running and swimming, or mental endurance. It is a pure survival battle. Everyone must fight for their basic needs. The one with the maximum votes and support wins the show.  The contestants vote outs each other. The individual who wins the show is titled Sole Survivor. And win a prize of $1,000,000. 

The new season is released in March. The show also received many achievements including the title of 100 greatest TV shows of all time in 2007. In 2013, the show was ranked #39 on the list of the 60 Best Series of all Time. People want to know more about the players of the last season. The show puts changes and twists in every new season so that the contestant cannot copy the techniques of previous players. People want to know more about the contestants that have been eliminated. Let us explore more about the show. 

Survivor 44 Elimination

Glimpse Of Survivor 44: 

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Survivor 44 has been a popular show. People want to know more about the show. The contestants that have been eliminated are as follows. The contestants were eliminated not only with the votes but were taken out of the show after getting injured and needing medical injury. Let us start with the eliminated participants of Survivor Season 44. Keep reading for more details. 

Bruce Perreault’s Medical Condition Getting Worse: 

Bruce was doing well but suddenly he was evacuated after getting injured in a task. He was not voted out. He was the first contestant who got medically evacuated. He was injured on the first day of Survivor. He participated in the first task. It involved some physical activity. All the contestants need to crawl under and over a wooden structure. His head was hit on the wooden pole, and he was unconscious. He was immediately provided with medical care. He was able to rejoin the task. 

Later, he was medically evacuated for his head pain. He was facing severe pain in his head. The show keeps the lives of all the survivors as a priority. People having hopes for the new contestant were disappointed and worried about him. He is fine according to some sources.  Let us move toward the next eliminated contestant. The next one on the list is Maddy Pomilla. 

Maddy Pomilla Eliminated: 

Maddy Pomilla was the first participant to be voted out. The Tribal Council voted her out which was not satisfactory for many. Brandon was focused by everyone because of the defeat of the Ratu tribe’s First challenge. He was targeted after he confessed to getting a secret immunity Idol. As he was already having the hidden immunity Idol, he used it at the first vote making Maddy be eliminated first. 

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Maddy did not expect such things as she was hoping to work harder in her upcoming tasks. Her journey was very short, but this short appearance also gave her a fanbase. She mentions that it was a great opportunity that she received. She learned a lot from her short journey. She will work harder and come back.  This was all for Maddy Pomilla. Fans are disheartened after seeing her being eliminated. 

Let us move toward our next contestant that was eliminated. The third participant is Helen Li. 

Helen Li Eliminated: 

Helen Li was eliminated in the second episode. She seemed to be locking down the Tika Tribe with Carson and Sarah. Carolyn was looked upon as an easy approach. They wanted to vote out Carolyn, but the show had a twist. Carolynn did something that Carson and Yam Yam joined her. They all collectively voted out Helen Li. She was voted out unexpectedly. She was shocked after being eliminated. She has a normal Instagram following. Her follower count is 2,207. 

She mentions in her Instagram bio that it was her dream to be a part of Survivor. It was a pleasure for her to be a part of Survivor. She will work hard and come back to the show. It was quite early for her elimination. Her fans expected a lot from her. She is quite cute. Her fans admire her cuteness.  


Survivor Season 44 has three eliminations. The three were Bruce Perreault, Maddy Pomilla, and Helen Li. They all were appreciated for their presence in the show. We wish them all the best and hope they come back stronger. This was all about the eliminated contestants of Survivors Season 44. We keep providing such updates on our website. Stay tuned for more details. 

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