Sonsoles Rey Edad: Kidney Enfermedad And Health 2023

In this brief article, learn about Sonsoles Rey’s age, her Wikipedia page, and her current state of health. Recently, Sonsoles Rey has made a comeback to the public eye. Her life has been intricately linked to the difficulties associated with kidney disease. Resilience, optimism, and the unfailing support of her godmother, the well-known Argentine singer Sandra Mihanovich, have all been hallmarks of her journey. Since she was a teenager, she has had a renal condition that causes significant protein loss through urine. Sonsoles Rey received her second kidney some years ago. How is she doing now, though?

Sonsoles Rey

Who Is Sonsoles Rey?

There isn’t an official Wikipedia page detailing her life. around terms of her age, Sonsoles was born somewhere around 1978. She will therefore be 44 or 45 years old in 2023. Sonsoles Rey gained notoriety in 2012 after receiving a kidney transplant from her godmother Sandra Mihanovich, who also happens to be her mother Marita Novaro’s spouse. Notwithstanding her health issues, Sonsoles is a devoted mother to León and they both enjoy martial arts. Her passions include traveling, creating a close bond with nature and animals, and treasured moments spent with loved ones. Sonsoles publicly expresses her thanks for Sandra’s unselfish deed, promoting organ donation and educating people about its importance.

Since receiving the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome at the tender age of sixteen, Sonsoles Rey’s life has been one of constant battle against the condition. At the age of 24, she received her first kidney transplant, a life-changing event that made it easier for her to become a mother. But only 11 years passed after this transplant before another one was required. In a touching Telenight interview, Sonsoles described her experience. She talked about the emotional anguish she went through, including a denial phase in her teens and the difficulties she later endured when receiving dialysis at the age of 22. Sonsoles described in great detail the crucial moment at the age of 24 when she underwent her first transplant and the consequent need for a second one a year later.

Her godmother, Sandra Mihanovich, came forward as a living donor, providing Sonsoles with a ray of hope at a vulnerable time in her life. The singer once remarked, “What you receive is more than what you give,” in response to a question from medical personnel about whether or not she realized she would be left without an organ. Despite this glimmer of optimism, Sonsoles was told with dismal news in 2019 that her transplanted organ was failing and may require a third transplant.

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