Shooting: Who Is Bradley Eakin? 27-Years-Old Suspect Identified

Recently. A 27-year-old man Bradley is arrested. People want to know if he is the one who was suspected. You will get complete information about Bradley Eakin in this article. Keep reading for more details about the incident.


Who Is Bradley Eakin?

Recent sources say that Bradly Eakin was arrested and kept at Dallas County jail. He is put on murder charges. He is alleged to have been shot others before this case also. The proof says that the man is 27 years old. He signed a bond of $1 million. After the shooting, the police caught him at 8 p.m. at the 2400 block of Coombs Street near South Cesar Chavez Boulevard. The victim who was shot was taken to the hospital immediately. He was not able to survive. He passed away in the hospital. We don’t have much information about the man who was shot. We will update you as soon as we get to know. 


The police are trying to investigate the procedure. They are also trying to find the family of the victim to make them aware of the situation. He was identified as a suspect the previous night. He was caught this morning. He was not at all injured in this process. There is no more information available yet. The police are trying to find out the reason behind the shooting. His past records are being checked. A dead body was reported by a woman. She was the roommate of the victim. It shows that the victim was living alone in the city. His friend informed the police about the dead body. The dead body was identified to be the same as the victim shot the previous night. He was also recognized by an official as his friend.


How The Incident Took Place? 

The incident took place when the guy was walking on Tuesday evening in South Dallas. The police arrived around 8 p.m. The incident took place a while ago. The individual was taken to the hospital as soon as possible. There was no arrest till Wednesday afternoon. The suspect was found on Wednesday evening and was caught on Thursday morning.

Is The Investigation Continued? 

The investigation is continued with the victim caught today. It is seen that the guy was shot in West Oak Cliff. He was caught by the police officers around 11:15 p.m. This was all about the incident. We will update you with more details. Keep reading the articles for more details on our website.

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