Senco Gold Robbery: Ranaghat Senco Gold loot jewellery shop in Bengal

A shocking incident of robbery took place in West Bengal’s Ranaghat where a famous jewelry shop was looted during broad daylight. According to the reports, this robbery incident happened on Tuesday, August 29, 2023. Reportedly, the robbers were armed with guns, they were also engaged in open firing with the police while escaping after the robbery. Nevertheless, people were left shocked and stunned when they heard that one more jewelry shop in the district was robbed the same day, one was in the morning and the other was in the afternoon. Notably, both the targeted shops were of the same brand. Since this robbery incident happened in West Bengal’s Ranaghat, this news has been trending all over the national media. Know all the imperative details of the Ranaghat robbery incident in the following sections. Keep reading this article.

Senco Gold Robbery Ranaghat

Senco Gold Robbery Ranaghat

As two shops were looted at Ranaghat and Purulia, therefore, it can be referred to as a twin robbery incident. The robbers fled the scene firing gunshots into the air and showcasing their weapons to the people. As per the reports shared by the police, the twin robbery incident is a matter of Senco Gold shop in Ranaghat and Purulia. The shocking CCTV footage showing robbers fleeing the scene also has emerged on social media causing a stir over there and making people stressed. Swipe down the page and read more details.

The thieves robbed a jewelry shop in Nadia district on Tuesday, in a scene straight out of a movie. Reportedly, there were a total number of eight robbers who initially pretended to be customers when entered the Senco gold shop. The robbers looted the gold and silver items from the shop during broad daylight. What were the circumstances during the robbery incident? Police have understood the circumstances during the robbery.

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Police said two men entered the Senco Gold shop located in Ranaghat on Tuesday, later six more men entered the shop with arms. They looted gold, silver, and other precious items from the Senco Gold shop. Some diamond items and pricey stones were also robbed from the shop. It is alleged that the robbed items were worth Rs 9 crore. As the shop owners alleged that they were robbed around Rs 9 crores, this news has turned the traction of the national media. In addition, the shocking video of the robbers firing into the air also has surfaced on social media causing a stir. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Reportedly, the robbery went on for around 20 minutes. After taking away worthy items from the gold shop, three out of eight robbers went to escape the scene on a bike. When police tried to catch them, the robbers started to open fire. Eventually, some rounds of gunfire were exchanged between the two parties. In a bid to confront the robbers, the police managed to nab as many as four robbers. Police also seized the bag containing the stolen jewelry and cash. Shift to the following section and read more details.

Ranaghat Senco Gold

Rashid Munir Khan who is the DIG of Murshidabad asserted during a press conference, “A total of eight people were involved, and four have already been arrested. After initial questioning, it was revealed that they were all from Bihar. Further investigation is underway, and one more is expected to be arrested soon.” Initially, police arrested only four men but later in the night police arrested one more person in connection with the robbery at the Senco Gold shop in Ranaghat. Currently, police have a total of five persons in custody in connection with the robbery at Ranaghat Gold shop. But still, three men are on the run. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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The police immediately started an intensive search operation in the state to catch the robbers after the robbery incident. The same day at night police arrested one more person. According to police, another jewelry shop of the same brand Senco was robbed simultaneously in the Purulia district of Bengal. A large volume of police has been deployed to conduct raids and secure highways in Purulia. Reportedly, the jewelry shop that was robbed by robbers on Tuesday night is in Purulia located in the Namopara area, a business district near the railway station. Keep reading this article and know what the police official said about this incident.

A senior police officer told Hindustan Times, “It seems that both criminal incidents were carried out by individuals belonging to the same gang. The store employees noted that the accused were conversing in Hindi. There is a likelihood that they came from a different state. The investigation is currently underway,” On Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, video of the robbers has gone viral and watched by millions of people within a few hours. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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