Sabrina Maddeaux Toronto Vancouver doomed as they chase away the middle class

A lingering question has started swiveling among Canadians “Could a doom loop be near to a city in Canada?” However, some signs are indicating it to be yes. It may sound like a gravity-defying amusement park ride but doom loop is much more concerning as a city plunging into a bottomless sinkhole of decline. If you are unversed in “doom loop”, the San Francisco Chronicle has given a definition of Doom Loop that reads “A scenario in which one negative development causes another negative development, which then makes the first problem worse. A vicious cycle.” You are asked to stick with this page and must go through the article till the end to know more details about it. Scroll down the page.

Sabrina Maddeaux Toronto Vancouver

Sabrina Maddeaux Toronto Vancouver

Doom Loop has become a concise way of summing up San Francisco’s sudden downward spiral as there are issues such as high crime, exorbitant real estate, homelessness, widespread drug use, empty offices, businesses fleeing the area feed into one another, crumbling transit, and worse with no end in sight. Likewise, a city in Canada, Vancouver takes note as similar issues start to plague the urban centers and form the starting of their own doom loops. The same is for Saint John, Scroll down the page and read about Vancouver, Toronto’s Doom Loop.

It is being said that Canadian cities have started declining like San Francisco with the hollowing out of their middle classes. The rate of decline has accelerated as cities continue to divide into extreme haves and have not. This is why the politicians of Canada must think about the origin of the problem to avoid what increasingly looks like San Francisco’s doomed fate and the exodus of the middle class from downtowns. How it can be addressed and fixed? The only possible way to avoid the doomed fate of Canadian cities is by restoring affordability to the housing market. Swipe down the page and read more details.

However, the Bay Area and San Francisco are home to myriad people not just Americans but the wealthiest companies of the world also witnessed the sudden rapid real estate price escalations there. Reportedly, the urban area counts 63 billionaires, 629 centi-millionaires, and 285,000 millionaires which is the highest for any city in the US. Furthermore, just 8 families have more wealth than the bottom 50% population of the city put together. Due to its affordability, middle-class families have been fleeing the city for years.

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